I am Baya, a Kabyle girl, a stranger in my own country.

By: Baya.Mtb

All my life, from my birth, I was forced to follow a religion, so-called of peace, to speak a language, so-called of paradise, to love a stranger, so-called prophet, to have a personality that is not mine, to be an mixed Arab-Muslim.

They wanted to change me, because I’m not one of them. I was an innocent little girl, a blank sheet when they taught me by trying with all their strength to convince me:” you are Algerian Arab Muslim, you have nice ancestors, Mohammed and Okba, your liberators are: Messali, Boumediene, Abdelkader, your only cause is Palestine, your enemies are Jews, Christians, atheists, all non-Muslims, all humanity”.

I am educated in a school that adapts the system of Arabization and Islamization, while forgetting its true objective which is that of science. But I was lucky, I was born in a society, Kabyle, who resists, who does not want to disappear, the one who showed me the right way, which reminds me every time my origins. Despite the 8 hours of daily uprooting in the Algerian school, my heart and soul can not and do not want to join their Arab-terrorist culture under any conditions.

We have our culture, our homeland, our traditions, our land, our true liberators, our history, our cause. We are a people, a fighting people, resistant and refusing to bend, but also an oppressed people who never tasted liberty since the funeral day that colonial France had annexed to the Algerian state it had created a few years before.

I introduce myself, I am BAYA, a KABYLE girl, a stranger in my country, a girl who experience injustice every day, a girl who sees her brothers abused, assaulted, tortured, wounded, exiled and killed without being able to react, a girl treated ignorant and racist because she defends her Kabylity. A girl without voice and without rights.

-Why is my identity card Arabic while I am not?

-Why is my real flag and anthem forbidden on my country?

-Why is my language rejected?

-Why is my Azul haram?

-Why are Matoub and my other brothers murdered?

-Why do they reject me as a I am, a Kabyle?

-Is this not a colonization?

-Aren’t my people human?

-Yes? Why do we not fulfill our rights, written in black on the UN Treaty, to govern our own language, culture, future of our children. In short, govern our own nation?

Friends and compatriots, let us be united in facing the foul!

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