Honor to Kabyle women

Honor to Kabyle women, the safekeepers of the language of our ancestral traditions and customs. Over the centuries, they have been able to guard what makes us an authentic people and have perpetuated the values that underpin our society.
Thanks to them the Kabyle handicraft and cultural heritage is still preserved. From generation to generation they have transmitted to their children their love of Kabylia. Their tales are lessons that they breathe. Little boys and girls are at a very young age introduced to feelings of humanity, justice, fraternity, solidarity. The women teach them to respect the old and to protect the weak.The Kabyle woman, in all circumstances, is at the side of the male members of her family, her husband or siblings.
Today, while working, home keeping or attending university, she remains deeply attached to what makes her a Kabyle woman. Kabyle women pride themselves on their identity and do not fail to express their pride in being the daughters of the beautiful, rebellious and dignified land of Kabylie. Their colorful Kabyle costumes, which inspires joy and seems to appeal to happiness, adds splendor to their already legendary beauty.
They wear it on all occasions, even in meetings and assemblies of international organizations, so that they are recognized in their Kabyle specificity.

Kabyle women, given the nobility of their origins and being the descendants of the Amazigh Queen Kahina and Fadhma N’smour , the fierce Kabyle resistant, can not veil. They are attached to their clothes and will not barter against any other. As free and honorable women, they have nothing to hide. The hijab and the niqab that the henchmen of Arab-Islamism seek to import into Kabylia are the clothes of countries that, to this day, practice slavery. But Kabyle women are neither slaves nor merchandise. Honor and dignity to the Kabyle woman who chose to remain herself.
By Samia Sam


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    I really like the fact that Kabyle women prefer their own dress to Islamic ones, which helps them to show their beauty. Please continue despite the odds to celebrate/promote Kabyle women in Algeria. As someone who stems in part from the Near Middle East (Armenia) and Africa, I have empathy with all those Kabyle people in Algeria who are fighting a long-standing battle to protect Kabyle Identity, rights, and culture against the menacing threat of ” Arabization” & “Islamisation” .

    I know from conversation with Berbers how they resent Islamization and Arabization which has eroded their identity and language, so I hope Kabyle women remain defiant and at the forefront of cultural resistance and liberty.

    Sorry to say but most people in the Middle East and North Africa have been brainwashed for centuries about Islam’s superiority and whitewashed everything to the point where they refuse to accept that before the Arab Conquest and Islamization of the region, non Arab peoples in North Africa, like the Ancient Egyptians, Berbers, Kabyle, Cartiginians ( in what is now Tunisia) had thriving empires and great levels of civilization.

    May the Cosmos /Universe bring justice upon your people.


    • Thank you for your encouragement, but I must correct you on what you say about the Arab conquests.
      These conquests are the biggest lie in human history. There have never been any Islamic conquests. The Hijaz desert was lifeless in the 6th century. Not a writing or a stone to testify to life in this desert. Islam is only the syncretism of the different sects of Unitarian Christianity, Arianism and Nestorianism among others. Our website offers you some articles on the subject.
      Islam occurred several hundred years later than the official version claims

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