Algeria, the country where doctors die from hunger strike in prison



Dr. Khaled Chouater has been in detention since June 24, 2019 (56 days) and on hunger strike since the first day of his detention.

Khaled Chouater is a Kabyle citizen from Setif who studied at Annaba Medical School. Nephrology medical doctor at Bordj Bou Arreridj hospital (BBA) and pro-independence Kabyle activist, Khaled Chouater has been held in prison since 24 June 2019 for posting a photograph of himself at the BBA hospital with the Amazigh flag , in protest against the unconstitutional prohibition by the commander-in-chief of the army, Ahmed Gaïd Salah to brandish any flag other than the Algerian flag in any demonstration march.

The Algerian authorities scrupulously monitor the activity of Internet users on social networks. Many photographs of Khaled Chouater with the Amazigh flag waving are posted on his Facebook account.

He was charged under article 79 of the Algerian Penal Code by the judge of Bordj Bou Arreridj. He is accused of inciting violence and attacking a national symbol, attacking the national constants arabity and islam inciting to hate and attacking a constituted body. These grievances are punishable under Articles 79, 144, 144 bis 2 and 160 bis of the Algerian Penal Code.

Note that Khaled Chouater was not in the march with an Amazigh flag. As such, the reason for his detention is doubly arbitrary since the ban was limited to the demonstration against the regime.

It is urgent to take action. Dr. Khaled Chouater is currently on hunger strike and has been in detention for 56 days.

The Kabyle League of Human Rights LKDH demands the immediate and unconditional release of Khaled Chouater.

We call on all associations and NGOs, all political parties, all journalists, writers, academics, activists and citizens to fight for the release of all detainees, females and males, without exception, in the name of respect for dignity for all, in the name of freedom for all and respect for the political opinions of each and everyone.

We condemn any selective solidarity that contradicts the demands of the so-called “Hirak” movement.

We solicit the solidarity of all, national and international.

We are asking the National Council of the Order of Doctors to implement their confraternity in support of Dr. Khaled Chouater.

Paris, August 19, 2019,
For the Kabyle League of Human Rights
The President, Tafsut At Lhadj.

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  • Doctor Khaled Chouiter, detained since June 24 at Bordj Bou Arreridj prison, left prison on Tuesday, December 24, after having served his 6-month prison sentence.

    Stop Algerian State Racism

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