A party leader and an elected to the assembly of the Algerian republic calls to exterminate the Kabyle

A party leader and an elected to the assembly of the Algerian republic calls to exterminate the Kabyles

The President of the Equity and proclamation (PEP) and member of parliament Naïma Salhi safely pour out her hatred and racism and calls for exterminate the Kabyle people.
Another serious drift of the elected representative of the Algerian people, Naïma Salhi, who, in a video posted on her Facebook account the day after the funeral of racist general Ahmed Gaïd Salah, calls outright to exterminate the Kabyle people. “My remarks are addressed to traitors and chardima (?). You will pay me! You will pay dearly for each tear that I shed for Gaïd Salah and for all the sadness that I have. If before I fought you to a certain degree, today I will fight you to a double degree. Especially since you went out to feast after his death (of Gaïd Salah, editor’s note), you are a kind of Jews,” insults Naïma Salhi.
Indeed, Naïma Salhi is thereby trying to legitimize her call to exterminate the Kabyle people, by giving credit to the rumor spread by the Islamists that they organized celebrations in learning of the death of the ANP chief of staff, General Ahmed Gaïd Salah. “The Kabyles are the worst kind of Jews.”

The truth does not matter for Naïma Salhi who calls the Kabyle Jews of the worst kind. Knowing the fate that the Arab-Muslims want to reserve for the Jews, it is to wonder what is the fate that they reserve for the worse than Jews that are the Kabyles, peoples without an army. “Your chief Ferhat Mehenni said” We are not Algerians, we are Jews, we are Kabyle “and he is right this man. At least he is not a hypocrite. “And bounce back on this anti-Kabylia campaign on social networks by Islamist circles: “What you did with the funeral of Gaïd Salah proves that you are Jews! We can’t get along with you! We may make concessions to you, we may explain to you, but no, you are jews and of the worst kind!”
For the elected Naïma Salhi, Jewish and Kabyle are synonyms. She easily goes from “Jewish” to “Kabyle” and from “Kabyle” to “Jewish” in her hate speech which she adorns from time to time with a pinch of “dog” here and a hint of “Zouave” over there!
Chaining insults, Naïma Salhi will accuse the Kabylians of intelligence with the enemy: “You are not ashamed! Dogs and you will stay dogs! You dare compare Bouregaa (a veteran of the liberation war put in prison by the deceased general) to Gaïd Salah! Bouregaa who went so far as to plot with foreign countries against the Algerian state.» How many are the Zouaves (a name that the Arabs like to give to the Kabyle)? 2 million? 3 million”?
And pouring into racist arithmetic with macabre hints, she counts!
“How many of the Zouaves are there? 2 million? Come on, let’s say 3 million! We are 40 million and we have with us a divine force that we adore and we love! And I say to the women and men of this country, if you are really men, you must not let this matter go this time! ” declare again MP Naïma Salhi who ends her hateful video with a string of insults.


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