European rifain sovereignists in conclave to fight Arab colonialism

While the king of Morocco went to France to secure the multifaceted, politic, diplomatic, military, interligency, support of France, true colonial power, in the plan of oppression against the Rifains. The rifain sovereignists do not seem to be impressed by this belly dance  of the king to his master and continue their organizational activities to make themselves heard by the international community.

A meeting of 20 support committees will take place in the Spanish capital on 20 May 2017 to find the appropriate political and organizational framework for the Rifain’s movement in Europe. This meeting is a historic one, and comes after the creation of several committees supporting the Rifaine movement in Europe.

The Madrid meeting comes in the context of a conflict and the escalation of tension between the Moroccan central state and the Rif after 7 months of protests and peaceful demonstrations, notably in the province of Al Hoceima. This approach is the first in the Contemporary History of the Rif land where the RIFAINS of the diaspora meet to find a political framework for the Rifaine movement in Europe in order to support the Rifaine movement in the RIF land. This framework will give recognition to the Rifain community in Europe and impose them as the legitimate interlocutor of European institutions and international instants.

In parallel with this historic meeting, a conference will be held about the “RIF and the struggle of the popular Rifain movement”, with the participation of lawyer Abdessadek El Bouchettaoui, Rifain lawyer in the Tetouan court, Sonia MORENO, Spanish journalist, who followed the Rifane movement since the tragic death of Mouhcine Fikri, crushed in a dumpster by order from an agent of Moroccan authority, and Reda BENZAZA, a Rifain activist in Al-Hoceima.


  • They insult us, they humiliate us, they treat us like subhumans because we dare to defend our land.
    They terrorize our population because the Rif people refuse to forget their Berber-Amazigh past, facing the Arab-Muslim occupier. This ruthless, barbaric and cowardly occupier, that oppresses us with the weapons provided by the French. As in 1920/27.
    This new offensive of the colonial and criminal regime obliges us to have a duty and a responsibility for the national unity of Rifia and the resistance to put an end to these monsters who have been massacring our people for decades,
    As a reminder of the heinous crimes of 1958/1959 with more than 10,000 Rifans massacred, without forgetting the women and children injured and disabled for life, as well as those of 1984 with thousands of victims and hundreds of Riffs buried alive in mass graves !

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