Marche attacked in Tuvirett, Kabylia

the forces of Algerian colonial repression

Violent clashes in progress; several sources point to violent clashes between the forces of Algerian colonial repression, in great numbers, and Kabylian sovereignist militants who organized a march to say that the city Tuviret is Kabyle, not Arabic .
The colonial police and gendarmerie arrest all individuals suspected of wanting to walk today. The latter resist and physical assaults have taken place.

Several women have been assaulted by the Algerian occupation forces, including the chairman of the MAK-Anavad West Coordination, Rachida Ider. A real state of siege is on its way. The activists continue to arrive at the site of the march to try to organize

The government in exile of the Kabyle people appealed to the UN Security Council to draw its attention to the violation of human rights by Algeria and the hindrances to the right of the Kabyle people to its self-determination.


Without the complicity of the Europeans, who sell their weapons and cover them with their scandalous silence, the Arabs would not occupy the land of free men.

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