The collaboration of Algerian scholars of Islam with French colonialism

The collaboration of Algerian scholars of Islam with french colonial

Algerians do not know the history of the association of Algerian Muslim ulemas and its role of supporting colonial France and facilitate the task of deculturating the Algerian people of their true culture, and uprooting their identities, including a project of Arabization and Islamization. Just after its creation in 1931 the association showed its support and allegiance to France, including the support of its founders like Sheikh Abdelhamid Ben Badis, Sheikh El-Okbi, and Sheikh Mohamed Bachir El Ibrahimi we see well in this official document of this organization and a number of their newspaper, “Essouna”, dated April 17, 1933 and which clearly demonstrate the support of this Arab Islamist organization to the colonial authorities.
It is a historical truth which no one can refute because authentic documents attest to it and are not at all theses or testimonies of any kind. “We are not enemies of France and we will never activate against their interests. On the contrary, we will try to facilitate the mission of civilizing the Algerian people and Islamize the whole nation “, can we read on the front page of the newspaper “Essouna”.

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