There is nothing to expect from either the people or the rulers or the Arab-Muslim elite

It was at the beginning of the 1990s, that I discovered that the project of society to which the Algerians aspired was accomplished. Between 1980 and 1990, I had a doubt. Before 1980, I was not yet 20 years old and I thought that everything that I observed of bad things in the society and in the country was caused by errors, was a lack of know-how and a lack of means to remedy it. We were told that the country was “in the process of development” and that with the “democratization” of education and its generalization, the country shaped by new, modern and educated generations will eventually flourish, modernize, to become more democratic.
I blamed ignorance and material indigence for all the flaws of society, the dysfunction of institutions, the stupidity of political and cultural elites, the latent violence of good family fathers and the bad habits of the people. I really thought that we were numerous to work with elites and rulers to make this dream of independence come to fruition. I thought this independence only in terms of emancipation and modernity. Religion did not bother me. The Arabic language was for me a language like any other. The Arab-Muslim culture was for me a culture that was worth another. Our French leftist teachers taught us that all men were brothers and that man is good by nature. They told us that with education, everything becomes possible and that anyone can become an actor of change, social progress, economic development, improvement of mentalities and wealth creation. We swallowed everything. I was far from suspecting that another project of society was brewing like a straw and that one of its objectives was my own disappearance, along with that of my people, my mother tongue, my culture, my history. When I discovered this, around the age of 20, my attitude was only doubt, mistrust, anger and disillusionment.
Later, when I saw this people – whom I had the benefit of the doubt – give birth to monsters, I put a definitive cross on them. I saw them rejoice of the murders of people and personalities I admired, whom I loved. To see the death of Tahar Djaout, Bousebsi, Said Mekbel, Ahmed and Rabah Asselah, Nabila Djahnine, Matoub Lounés and many others was an insurmountable event for me. When the Algerian television laconically announced these unspeakable murders, my rage increased tenfold. Nothing seemed to move either the media, the people, or the Arab-Muslim civil society. All agreed. Many justified these crimes. Anger has given way today to contempt for this country and for this people. A people of cowards, hateful, intolerant, schemers, devious. Iedawen n tudert !.
Governors in the image of this crazy people. I have less hatred towards those rulers of dishonest digestive tubes than for this monstrous, hypocritical, cheating people, secretly shaped by 15 centuries of foul-smelling and criminal culture.
Algeria has accomplished its social project. Project of society banishing work, citizenship, democracy, modernity, honesty and civic engagement. A project of society made of rapine, robbery, looting, lying, violence, slash, vice and horror. A project of Islamic society, in all its ugliness, in all its inhumanity.
The people longed for stability in shame, stupidity, obscurantism, and hatred of life. They inflate theirs gandoura and shit on everything they touch, on all those who approach them and piss on all the values that brought humanity out of the Middle Ages. I grant no mitigating circumstance to this people, who rejected all the values that could have made them a prosperous and beloved people in the concert of nations. They are so happy in their autism, believing to deserve everything without moving a finger. Despising and jealous of nations that have done much better. A bunch of schizophrenics and sickly nationalists as a people.
Algerians believe they have the right to have everything, to violate all those who contradict them, to insult all other cultures and religions, to hold all other nations to account and to do what they please at home. They will hang us all at the first opportunity. This opportunity could be a confusion they will knowingly create, as they did in 1992. No, this people did not submit. They have a diabolical dynamic that evolves only in the direction of the worst. They consciously build their own underdevelopment, their own alienation, their own regression towards the arabic hell of the 7th century. They call this hell of all their wishes. They want it with all their guts. They yearned for more rot. They wanted and still want more rot than what their rulers were offering them. At the slightest opportunity, they will shed more blood around them, more corruption, more injustice, more social dictatorship, more hatred and violence. The Kabylians are cursed and are condemned to live with this demonic people. The filthy beast will eventually crush or at least rub off on them if nothing is done right away.

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