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Censored Twice in One Week by Pseudo-Democrats

This week I was blocked twice on Facebook about Islam. Once by a history teacher, Catherine Chabbi, a specialist in Islam who validates the official version of this religion. Our discussion was cut short after just two comments from me. As she lacked arguments, the professor found salvation only by shutting me out – so much for academic discourse!
The other hammer that fell upon me is that of the Algerian journalist Mohamed Sifaoui, favorite of the French media (because of his anti-Kabyle spirit). This journalist, who everyone believes to be an opponent of Islam, is a champion of the Takya (title of his book) who hides his game so that everyone won’t understand that he is just a Muslim who simply ashamed that his religion, from which he forms his identity, culture and history, is the very bottom of the human barrel in terms of freedoms, innovations, economy and science. He blames not the religion which has destroyed dozens of cultures and identities, but Wahabism and Salafism, while everyone knows these names are only a smokescreen to hide the real Islam – not, as he would claim, bad interpretations of the religion. When faced with my actual criticisms of Islam itself, he blocked me.
But in his masterful takia he has, like all Islamists, his Achilles heel. Hatred of others! The Islamist needs hatred to exist. The oriental Islamist hates the Hebrews which reminds him that there was a time the Arabs too were Hebrews and wants to erase the slightest trace of this reminder. The North African Islamist as strong as he is in his takia cannot hide his hatred which he carries towards the Kabyle people who remind him that there was a time he also was an Amazigh, a native of North Africa. His arabity is just a wish that has no roots in reality. This is how he has just insulted the Kabyle people, who want their independence from the Algerian colonialism, as an extremist people. A people who, according to this Islamist in a suit and tie, are extremists by their peaceful idea of independence. It is only the Islamists who consider that the peoples defeated by Muslims once must be condemned to remain the exclusive property of the umma Islamia for eternity. Any desire for freedom is seen as more dangerous extremism than the slaughterers in the name of Allah

I will reiterate these same facts to every Muslim (and their western champions) to whom I speak:

Islam was not born in an Arabian desert. There is no archaeological or written evidence to indicate life in the Hijaz desert in the Middle Ages (and even later). Monotheistic religions, including Islam, are bourgeois religions, urban religions, not desert or rural religions. Everything officially and commonly known about this religion is a very late invention. Everything in the history of Islam is absurd and grotesque. This absurd story is only made believable by the magical effect of repetition.

It must be said that they built their intellectual universe around this hoax. They find it difficult, if not unacceptable, to deny and deny themselves. There, when they are not accomplices in the stupidity of the masses

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