Algeria: the hunting of Christians continues.

The hunting of Christians in Algeria continues. This time it is in the Tuviret region that the attacks on Christians have happened. Five Kabyles, three from the same family, will appear before a judge on Tuesday morning.
They are accused of proselytism. That is, they are accused of wanting to encourage Muslims to convert to Christianity. Furthermore, they are also reproached for practicing worship without authorization. This case was brought to court following a complaint from a woman who accuses her husband and friends of wanting to convert her to Christianity. In addition, another Christian Kabyle was indicted by the Algerian colonial court on the grounds that he had imported Bibles.

Any opportunity is good for the power of Algiers to arrest the Christian Kabyles and put them in court to dissuade them from continuing on this path.

Amaynut for Tamurt


    Two Christians tried by an Algerian court in Amizour, Kabylia.
    It is a real jihad which is carried out against the Kabyle Christians by the Algerian Arab-Muslim power.
    Persecution against the Kabyle Christian community continues in Algeria. Indeed, two citizens of Christian faith have just been tried by the court of Amizour, in the wilaya of Béjaïa, on the famous charge of “insulting the Prophet and denigrating the precepts of the Muslim religion”.

    The first case, on trial today, concerns a young Orthodox Christian, Abdelghani Mammeri, in this case, from Amizour. At the end of this “ideological” trial, the public prosecutor requested two years in prison and a fine of 200,000 dinars. The verdict is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15.

    In a statement that has reached our editorial staff, the Committee for the Defense of Freedoms (CDL), newly created in Béjaïa, denounces “this heavy sentence” which it describes as “a serious attack on freedom of conscience and religion”.

    The editors of the said document deplore, moreover, the presence in the courtroom “of Islamists with full beards, who came to attend the trial to demonstrate an intimidating presence targeting the accused, a follower of the Coptic Orthodox Church who he wanted to promote in Algeria. “.

    Note that last December 3, another Christian, Mebrouk Bouakaz, dit Youva, prosecuted on the same charges, also appeared before the same Amizour court.

    During his indictment, the public prosecutor demanded against the defendant, a sentence of six months in prison and a fine of 200,000 dinars. The verdict of this trial is expected on December 17.

    KABYLIE (SIWEL) – In its usual policy of inquisition, the Algerian Arab-Islamist regime redoubles its ferocity against anyone who violates the principles of Islam, and its prophet.

    Indeed, the Kabyle citizen, called BOUAKAZ Mebrouk, known as YUVA, from the locality of Tizi N’Berber, on the heights of Aokas (Vgayet), was sentenced this Thursday, December 17, 2020, by the Algerian colonial court from the same city, to a penalty of 03 years of imprisonment, and a fine of 50,000.00 DA, accused of offense in the person of the prophet of Islam.
    At the same time, when this same jurisdiction pardoned delinquents of all kinds despite their serious crimes and misdeeds, it found in these victims, accused of insulting religion, the ideal culprits.
    As a reminder, the accused appealed. He will appear again next week.
    Let’s show solidarity with Yuva.
    Long live freedom of speech.
    For a free and secular Kabyle state.

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