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Why this hatred of Islam?

By Hocine Bektouche.

This is the question the website got in its comment field.
I would like to understand why many Kabyles have such hatred for Islam?

Racists still wonder why people do not like racism. Dictators are lamenting that people are rejecting the dictatorship. The Nazis question people and pretend not to understand why Nazism is so hated. Fascists swear that fascism is in the interest of the people and wonder why they have so little success. Islamists wonder why the Kabylian hate Islam when they are supposed to be submissive for centuries.
Why this sudden rebellion? Why this fronde? Why don’t they keep quiet like everyone else? Why don’t they bow down to have peace? So many questions are tapping the Muslims. They do not dare to question Islam, so they question those who do not want it.
The accusation of Islamophobia against the French aims to force the French to love Islam and clear customs of its crimes. To be loved and cleared by the homeland of human rights and humanism would be a very beautiful reference for Islam.
Muslims know it very well and exert an unprecedented forcing on the French people. Similarly, in Algeria, having the blessing of Kabyle is a solid reference for Islam. Kabyle people have the reputation of being peaceful, democratic, tolerant. Islam wants them on its side to use it as an argument and alibi. Being Berber and Muslim is a reference for Islamism. Muslims do not want to invent democracy, freedom, tolerance, human rights. They can not invent these values without touching the quran. No, they want to Islamize these values by Islamizing the people who claim them. But by Islamizing these values, they neutralize, gnaw, pervert and finally make them disappear. They are trapped because Islam, in its texts, does not make it possible to invent these values, to recognize them and to apply them. So they strive to make them disappear by trying to Islamize those who practice them or at least to get them to guarantee Islam.

I do not like Islam and I grant it no mitigating circumstance, no luck, no excuse. I look forward to seeing Muslims struggling in their death trap. They will not reach modernity, freedom, democracy without getting rid of this obscurantist and retrograde ideology. They must sacrifice their god for freedom. They must give up their totalitarian yoke for democracy. They must stop believing in a fanciful paradise to finally take care of improving their life here.

They must not expect me to “bring” them modern values to the inside of Islam because I do not want these values to be perverted to serve as an excuse for dictatorship. It is up to the Muslims to go out to the light and not to others to serve them consolation, good points and medals they do not deserve.
No concessions, no bleaching, no collaboration, no word, no gesture of encouragement!
Whoever wants freedom, invent it! Whoever wants to get out of his shackles, let him escape! If he likes where he is, I will not go to join him only to not annoy him!


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