Racism of the Algerian State against the Kabyle identity

The racist Algerian state which wants to erase the Kabyle people and all the other Amazigh peoples decrees a law against racism. A state which has framed the conclave which launches the zero Kabyle operation (the extermination of the Kabyle people), which engages racists like Naima Salhi who openly and without concern calls for the assassination of the president of the Kabyle nation Mr. Ferhat Mehenni and the extermination of the Kabyle people, is trying to make the world believe that it is fighting racism. There is an aberration that no one can swallow. 
Algerian state should be brought before the international court for crime against humanity, for promoting racism in its schools, media, mosques and for its colonial presence in Kabylia.

The Algerian terrorist state wants to legitimize the imprisonment of activists of the movement for the self-determination of Kabylia. A right enshrined in the charter of the United Nations that this criminal state has ratified.

Naming the Kabyle country a region and considering “regionalism” as racism is one way of criminalizing the right of the Kabyle people to build the future of freedom they wish for their children.

This is a glaring proof that Algeria wants to continue to colonize Kabylia. Colonization is a crime against humanity.

Kabylia is not afraid of you, it does not recognize your artificial state made by French colonization, does not recognize your president and cannot, therefore, recognize your laws in violation of human rights.

Kabylia will build its state without the consent of the minions in the service of the empire of crime. We have no respect for the criminals and you will be brought before the International Court of Justice for your racist policies against the Amazigh peoples, especially against the kabylian people.

France which protects you and for which you manage its creation, Algeria, will also be judged for supporting a terrorist state and its representatives guilty of crimes against humanity.

France loses more and more respect from the people all over the world and finds itself more and more weak on the diplomatic level. The world is about to give up France, responsible for too many crimes.

The people of France understand more and more the criminal nature of their rulers and oppose more and more. They refuse to be accomplices.

The criminals of Algiers will soon find themselves alone, the collapse of their colonial state is imminent. They will end up in prison.
By Gaya Izennaxen

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