Algeria: The irony when a racist, antisemite and terrorist state wants to be”pure”

Algeria: The irony when a racist, antisemite and terrorist state wants to be “pure”. By CLKI – Free Columnists of Independent Kabylia

A vain hope. A military dictatorship will remain a junta, a racist will remain an anti-semite. A lousy old overcoat even remains turned over.

Trapped in its policy of dividing people to rule better and in its racist Arab-Islamic ideology, even inscribed in what serves as its constitution, the Algerian military junta fidgets and cogitates not in the sense of redemption or a repentance that nobody asks of it, but to bias their racist policy which comes back to them like a boomerang, like their manipulation of Islamism which caused more than 250,000 deaths when they thought to circumscribe it only to the 1990 election campaign.

Through social network, this racism against the Kabyles, which the state has fed to generations of Algerians and what they thought to contain in the sphere of Algerian territory and arbitrarily declared Arab land, infects international opinion and reveals the systemic racism of the Algerian “State”.
Faced with the persistence of the political anarchy revealed by this Hirak and the question of the independence of Kabylia, this junta accentuated and encouraged racism against the Kabyles. Today it is uninhibited and even proudly claimed on the grounds that the Kabyles, these zouafs, are traitors.

Thus, unmasked before the world, in a treacherous operation to deny all responsibility in this national defect, the junta is preparing to initiate a law criminalizing racism when an article of the penal code already exists but which has never been applied.

The ban on the carrying of the Amazigh flag in the marches of the protest movements, as well as the ban followed by kidnapping and hostage-taking of peaceful Kabyles in Vgayet and Tizi Wezzu during the Yennayer celebrations, are in themselves racist acts.

This law is a vain attempt to regenerate itself like a snake molting.

To accompany this new scam, the military junta has initiated a seminar under the patronage of the Minister of Religious Affairs, applying mosques as a political tool.

They started in a wrong way; the title of the seminar “The Amazigh patrimony as a constitutive dimension of national unity” is in itself quintessentially negationist.

The notion of “patrimony”, refers to a heritage, which itself is over, confined to the intangible domain like the carnival and the Amazigh circus observed in the streets of Algiers this Yennayer and we have seen what happens to the Berber archaeological remains; mostly destroyed and abandoned by the Algerian state.

Like a liar caught in the act, each time this military junta tries to regenerate itself, it sinks even more into its crime.

For the Minister, the identities of the Berber people are a “cultural diversity”. He raised himself as a censor of any claim to the political identity, whether for the Kabyle independentists or even for the Algerians with their “new plural republic”. He thunders “It is unacceptable that voices, which advocate hatred and division, make misuse of the Amazigh identity dimension to hide the pursuit of political objectives, continue to sow the seeds of division within the nation”.

Without naming them, it is the Kabyles who are targeted and ignored, in order to dilute them in this stupidity of convenience.
Through the words of this minister, it is understood that the Arab-Islamic ideology should not be the subject of any questioning. The imposition of Arabity, a national constant, on the other people of this country, would not be a racist, segregationist, hegemonic and domineering act.
In the next law criminalizing hate speech, racism and regionalism, this latter concept targets the Kabyle people, whatever the object of their claims, because it refers to several definitions and interpretations.

Without prejudging the content of this law, what will happen to any hint of a regional self-government statute and worse of the demand for independence?

Regarding the repressive treatment in all areas, the fighters for independence, particularly those of the MAK and the Anavad, will be the first to be targeted by this law which will attempt through the maintenance of a loose and extendable legal vagueness, to circumvent the articles of the Charter of the United Nations on the right of people to self-determination.

The perverse effect of this law, an advantage and a political victory for the Kabylians and Kabylia, is that the junta’s official will to promulgate it is in itself an admission of what it has always tried to deny: the existence of several people including the Kabyles. What else is the use of such legislation in a country which is so “united, and homogeneous”.

The Kabyle people are different by their language, their traditions, their customs, their social organization, their way of life, their political organization, etc.… In short, a combination of traits which makes them a nation, an identity, a homeland, a civilization, which they claim in all their plenitude in order to constitute their own sovereign state.

Kabylia exists as a Kabyle nation, society, and civilization and soon as an Independent Kabyle State and not as a cultural entity among others; drowned, erased and trivialized in a vague and complacent Amazigh whole.

Only a Kabyle state can protect the Kabyles and Kabylia.

Mayu, Jan 16, 2020

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