Tala Hamza zinc deposit: The Anavad sends official letter to Australian company Terramin

Anavad Chairman Ferhat Mhenni officially addressed the TERRAMIN company headquartered in Fullarton near Adelaide in southern Australia. He wanted to inform them of the issues and the reality of the situation and to warn them against any exploitation of a site which in addition to the disastrous and irreversible repercussions on the environment, is in Kabyle land, a disputed territory, for which the Kabyle independentists, managed by Movement for the self-determination of Kabylia MAK, have been calling for a referendum for self-determination for several years now, in particular through the Memorandum submitted to the United Nations on September 28, 2017.

Tala Hamza zinc deposit: Anavad sends official letter to Australian company Terramin
Ferhat Mehenni, in his capacity as chairman of Anavad and MAK, sent a letter on January 23 to the Australian company Terramin which is preparing to put into operation the Tala Hamza zinc deposit, east of Kabylia.

“In the name of the Provisional Kabyle Government and on behalf of the Kabyle people, I have the imperative duty to alert you to the nullity of the said contract when it is contrary to the rights of indigenous peoples as set out by the Declaration of the ‘UN of 07/09/2007,’ wrote President Anavad in his letter made public by the Siwel agency. He also wanted to reassure the Australian company that Kabylia is in no way animated by hostility towards it.

“Kabylia officially claims its right to self-determination and a Memorandum to this effect was submitted to the UN on 09/28/2017. Its territory is already declared as “occupied”, therefore subject to liberation and restitution to its people ”, continues the sovereignist leader. And to add: “You already know, you are in Kabylia where Algeria is foreign, just as Kabylia is foreign to Algeria. Kabylia belongs to the Kabyle people and to them alone ”.

Ferhat Mehenni to WM Zinc: “You have no right to contract with a colonialist”

In addition, Ferhat Mehenni informed the Australian company that the citizens of Tala Hamza and Amizour, where the deposit in question is located, will not get anything from this exploitation except pollution and serious illnesses. . He also made it clear that the latter have expressed their opposition to the project.

In conclusion, the president of Anavad advised Australians to “renounce this contract which violates one of the fundamental principles of peoples’ sovereignty and their inalienable right to self-determination.”

Note that the Terramin company has created the SPA Western Mediterranean Zinc (WMZ) with the National Company of Non-Ferrous Mining Products (ENOF) which is the Algerian partner of the Australians.

The citizens of Tala Hamza against the exploitation of the Zinc deposit: “These lands belong to the villages!” “

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