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Historically apartheid was a Muslim invention

Historically apartheid was a Muslim invention. It derives directly from the status of dhimmi and the terms  pact of umar  imposing a frightful discrimination, and the systematic spoliation of their property to non-Muslim victims of Arab-muZZ or Ottoman colonization.

European colonization imposed the transition from a survival economy peculiar to primitive, frozen, traditional societies to a productive economy based on movement and exchange on adaptability.
This colonial intervention provoked disturbances, but the transition to modernity was at this price.
Unfortunately, decolonization interrupted this process.
It should be noted, however, that the situation of the colonized countries and their population was infinitely better at the time of decolonization than it was before this colonization.
-Eradication of the main diseases.
-Finish slavery practices.
-Installation of a sanitary system.
– Establishment of a school system.
-Creation of many infrastructures.
– Establishment of a state of law and democratic practices.
-Also, unfortunately, the opening of Koranic schools and the printing and distribution of this book destructive cultures, the Koran.
The work accomplished in a few decades was quite remarkable and infinitely superior to what had been done during the preceding centuries.
The word “apartheid” refers to a discriminatory practice and this discriminatory practice was initiated and implemented by the muslims wherever they colonized other peoples.
The dhimmi system established a separation between muzz and non-muzz.
-The non-muslim systematically lost ownership of their lands which passed into the hands of the muslim under the “right of conquest”.
-Non-muslim were subject to a very heavy and specific taxation, which benefited the muslim occupants.
-Non-muslim did not have the right to raise their hands on a muzz even to defend themselves.
The testimony of a non-muzz was half that of a muslim.
-A non-muslim could not marry a muslim woman, while muslim could marry non-muslim woman.
-The houses of the non-muslim had to be lower than that of the muslim.
The non-muslim was not allowed to raise their voices in front of the muslim.
-Non-muslim did not have the right to build or repair their religious buildings, they had to get up to leave the seat to the muslim, they had to accommodate, house, feed for 3 days all the muslim that presented themselves.
These are some of the little things that the muzz colonists imposed on the peoples they occupied, spoliation and brim.
Beside that, European colonization looks like an annex of the club med.


  • Salam

      I would like to understand why some Kabyles have such hatred for Islam?

    I am converted to Islam (not Arabic) and I do not understand your reactions …..

    That you are against the corruption of your leaders, I understand and I approve, but why hate Islam?

    It’s a sincere question not a manipulation.

    • Why this fixation on the Kabyle? It is not only the Kabyle who hate Islam. The whole world except Muslims hate Islam. Kabyle people do not like monotheistic religions and stories of prophets. The Kabyle is a free people who believe in science, in the theory of evolution. Not to winged horses, to jinns … Kabyle has its own values and does not believe in your religions.

    • Europeans often use the term culture when speaking of Arab-Islamism. However, Arab-Islam is not a “culture”, but a theocratic ideology. This theocratic ideology is in essence genocidal, bloodthirsty, criminal, violent, conquering, predatory, colonialist, imperialist, oppressive, and discriminatory! It advocates the extermination of all non-monotheists and the oppression of non-Muslim monotheists. It is like Nazi Pan-Germanism (with its sacred text Mein Kampf) Arab Islamism, with its Koran, is deadly by nature against all cultures which it claims to be inferior to it.

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