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A rape is not a marriage

By Massi Zemour
Algeria is a patchwork of different countries and different peoples, drawn not by the people on the spot, but by the settlers, at their convenience and for their interests … and nothing else. Algeria does not correspond to a will of the peoples on the spot of allied strategically, but to a colonial will. Algeria is fabricated against the peoples of central North Africa . To maintain Algeria is to maintain the colonized state .

To be Algerianist is to be for neo-colonialism and to support the State of submission, violence and aggression .

The history of Algeria is not an old story, barely 200 years is nothing in history … How is it that the states of Africa are all in civil war, these States drawn by the colonists, while the Asian states, coming from Indochina ( MyanmarThailandLaosCambodiaVietnam, peninsular Malaysia , Singapore) achieve progress, prosperity and development, these Asian countries who dismantled the colonial entity so that the different people take care of themselves?

Algeria is a rape. This is not a fatality! Forced marriage and forced union are an affront to the dignity of the person.


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