Ferhat Mehenni about Brexit: “Self-determination can not be limited only to the European peoples

In a contribution, dated June 25, Ferhat Mehenni returned to the Brexit (Exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union). A geopolitical event “of such importance that Kabylia must show its aspects of interest,” said the President of the Anavad, which we reproduce the full opinion below.
The Kingdom of Britain has just hold a referendum to separate from the European Union. The election results are final, the Brexit is victorious. Beyond the geopolitical balance will affect its realization in two years, the event is of such importance that Kabylia must show its aspects of interest.

1) – The electoral process is, in absolute terms, nothing other than the exercise of the right to self-determination vis-à-vis British Europe. Thus, when one is a great nation that has its state (England is the first constitutional monarchy of the world, 1215?), their rights are respected by all partners.

2) – Separatism, through this example, is a virtue and not a vice to be condemned. It should remain including when projected by the Kabylie. The Kabylian people are respectable people just like everyone else. In spite of the hypocrite socialists which recognizes the right to independence and those who fit their vision, Kabylia does not suffer any problem of legitimacy to go to their freedom.

The Brexit teaches us that where people feels robbed of their freedom and their inalienable rights, where people feel too cramped in a country or group of countries, following the example of Britain within the EU, where people see vital interests trimmed and compromise, separatism is not only a right but also a duty. The United Kingdom comes to give us an important lesson.

3) – The United Kingdom comes in the last minute to save their skin, should at their turn, make an examination of conscience and apply to the people they dominate the rights that they themselves used vis-à-vis ‘Europe. Scots and Northern Irish have expressed their desire to stay in Europe, they must have the right to be respected for their choice.

4) – The countries who have to continue in the European Union and are crying scandale of this sovereign decision of the British people, should instead take up this same right of self-determination for both enforce the voice of Scots and Northern Irish who want to stay in Europe and, consequently, their desire to leave the UK.

5) – This right to self-determination can not be limited only to the European peoples; there is only one human race! It should be extended to people around the world who still feel dominated or colonized.

6) – Kabylia who, in countries emerging from decolonization, opens the peaceful march of authentic peoples towards their freedom, through the claim of the right to self-determination is to be taken seriously and helped so the geopolitical reconfiguration as globalization and democracy can be achieved without using this false shortcut that is violence.

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