The Kabylian flag is hoisted in Marseille

Kabylia.s flagg Marseille

Kabylia.s flagg Marseille

The event date was chosen to celebrate as the day of the Kabyle nation (June 14). In front of a large crowd that the Kabyle flag was raised in Marseilles. The president of the Anavad, Ferhat Mehenni honored with his presence this historical event. In his speech, the President of GPK reminded that the march of June 14, 2001 has revived the Kabyle nation who are now demanding the right of its self-determination. He concluded by stressing: “Only a Kabyle state will save us from the forced Arabization, fanaticism and allow us to live in our Kabyle ancestral footprints of values of freedom, tolerance and secularism.” This rising of the national Kabyle flag which took in an atmosphere of joy and brotherhood is another success for the Anavad and is network.

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