Quebec, Canada: A very original way to celebrate June 14, day of the Kabyle Nation

Arezki At Qacy KessalIn Quebec, it is a sunny Sunday that coincided with June 14, the day of the Nation of Kabylia . A Kabyle is decided to celebrate this symbolic date by offering passersby and neighbors ice cream for free. The children were spoiled with treats such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, anything they wished.
Adults are also a part of the party and converations quickly started about Kabylia and Kabyle people. Canadians and Quebecers are open people, as they are easy to approach and curious to learn about the world , even as far Kabylia.

Arezki At Qacy Kessal its second experience celebrated on June 14 in a very original way. Last year, on June 14th 2014, he participated in MudHeros, an obstacle course, and exhibited with pride the federal Amazigh flag after the race. This year, he said: ” I want to show the beauty of Kabylia, its colors, the beauty of women and men Kabyle Canadians and Quebecers from here and the whole world … ”

Asked to know in advance the idea for the next 14 June, 2016, he said: ” I honestly do not know yet, but I’ll think of an idea to honor my homeland, Kabylia and it’s brave people. ”


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