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The Chawi people: All people have a date to their nation, which refers to its history

DihyaThe direction of the movement of liberation of the chawi people was declared on May 2 as a national day of celebration for the chawi people .

All people have a date to their nation, which refers to its history, based on inputs of the best and most representative of its children.

Like the world’s nations, we decided that also we shall celebrate a date that will refer to the Chawi people! From that day there shall be a day of glory and in the memory of our queen Kahina (Dihya). This date, which will mark the resistance of our Queen will be celebrated 2 May (02/05) each year throughout the territory of the country Chawi.

This day is a symbol, it commemorates the inauguration of the statue bearing the likeness of the queen and it took place on May 2 in the year 2002 (02/05/2002) in the city of Baghai. This statue is important. It reaffirms in time and in the field, our history and our fight against all forms of alienation.

Yella Houha for M.A.C

The Chawi people: These people consist of five million people, who are situated north-east in Algeria. It is unforntunatly unknown to the general public that the Chawi people has granted christianity some of its greates churchfathers such as St. Augustine and Tertullian

Queen Dihya, better known under the pseudonym Kahina:

Dihya was the woman who was opposed by arms to the Muslim invasion, she was a warrior queen. She led and won battles on the territory of the country Chawi whilst fiercely opposing the Muslim invaders.

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