Kabylian high-schoolers movement: a prelude for a spring of freedom for Kabylia

Since the rejection by the Algerian colonial parliament of a proposal to generalize the teaching and usage of the Amazigh languages, including the Kabyle language, the tension is only rising. Kabyle youth becomes aware of its colonized situation and want to end it. Let’s see what Mr. Bouaziz, one of the leaders of the liberation movement of Kabylia, tells them

Mr. Bouaziz 
It was enough that the Algerian government, through its legislature, to reject an amendment concerning the promotion and generalization of the Tamazight language to see our high school students occupy the streets of the Kabyle country. An action that reminds us of the excitement of the Kabylians the day they decide to break the silence and fear that colonial Algeria wanted to impose. These events demonstrate the attachment of our youth to their Kabyle-Amazigh identity and the democratic vitality that animates them.

As for colonial Algeria, it remains in its negationist and racist role. We will win once and for all by becoming aware of the obvious. It is time to understand that our rights can only be protected if we recover our sovereignty. What to expect from a state that swears by our disappearance? Nevertheless, our duty is also to ensure that this anger of young people is not the spark for a new black spring, but a prelude for a spring of freedom and prosperity for Kabylia.

Our language and our identity do not need a status or an amendment from Algeria, but rather from a Kabyle State.

We call on the protesters to proclaim loudly and clearly and unequivocally the building of an independent Kabyle state that will materialize their aspirations and hopes. This is the only way we have left to put the Algerian government, fundamentally anti-Kabyle and anti-Amazigh, in front of its responsibility, and to ensure Kabylie a calm future.

Strongly an independent Kabyle Republic

Bouaziz Ait Chebib


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  • La politique arabe n’est que celle de la FRANCE…Elle se cache derrière sa création. Les arabes n’ont jamais existé avant qu’elle ne l’ait créa. Les nombreux livres écrits qui font croire à leur existence ne sont que de la pure imposture. Les dits arabes sans ancêtres avec une histoire tissée de mensonges découvriront un jour grâce à un test ADN ‘leur vrai lignée pervertie. Ceux qui peuvent financièrement payer (100/ 120 €) ont tout intérêt à le faire pour comprendre qu’ils sont victimes du complot colonial de la France de l’occident machiavélique.

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