Where there is a will, there is a way

affiche du drapeau kabyleOn April 18 2015, the official opening of the first raising of the Kabylian flag in history will take place on the Place du Trocadero in Paris. This dream, secretly dreamt by all Kabylians, finally becomes reality. An achievement that confirms the adage “where there is a will, there is a way.”

We solemnly ask every Kabyle of France, and elsewhere, to mark through their presence, this turning point in the history of Kabylia.

The new flag of Kabylia, which embodies the true freedom will now replace the Algerian flag, synonymous with enslavement, alienation, rootlessness and, a mirage for every Kabyle who believed in a free, democratic and pluralistic Algeria.

On this occasion, we can count on the presence of several prominent figures known for their friendship and support for the Kabylian cause.

Thus, we can already announce the presence of these Kabylian personalities:

– Idir, the famous singer of the hit “vava inouva”
– Djamila Amzal (actress)
– Djura (famous Kabyle singer)
– Tenna (the rising star of the Kabyle song)
– The presence of Dany Boon (actor, whose father is Kabyle)
– and Zinedine Zidane or one of his representatives (his brother is mentioned in particular)
– Salem Chaker (writer) who supports this historical event
– Daniel Prévost (actor)

International personalities that also support this historic event for Kabylia:
– Daniel Pipes (American journalist)
 Ivan Rioufol (French journalist writer)
– Josiane Sberro (community activist)
– Roger Kaplan (American journalist)
– Representatives of Kurdistan

Representatives of the Amazigh siblings:
– Amazigh World Congress
– Tuareg (MNLA)
– Rif (Rif independence movement)
– Yella Houha, Chaoui independence.

Many messages of support and friendship on the part of politicians will be played on the spot, including the Paul Molac, Breton deputy, messages from Amazigh siblings including Kameleddine Fekhar, president of the autonomist movement of Mzab, and even the independence movements of the Canary Islands.

The members of the Provisional Government of Kabylia, the representation of the MAK in France and several other personalities (singers, intellectuals, etc.) will also join the party to celebrate with the Kabylian people, who have waited for the arrival of their own flag.

Arrive saturday, April 18, at 14h on the Trocadero esplanade, to be a part of this memorable event in the history of Kabylia.


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