The continent of protest


Kabyle men before french invasion

Since time immemorial, Kabylia is the continent of protest. When it is not corrupt, the Kabyle soul can not bear injustice and indignity. This is mainly in Kabylia that Firmus fought for years against the Roman colonialism. Sold by his own, Firmus committed suicide in the year 375, to not suffer the Roman humiliation.

Other colonialism attempted thereafter to submit Kabylia. Mission impossible, the Kabyle land is rebellious for eternity. After having largely contributed to overthrow French colonialism, Kabylia was faced with another colonialism, the Algerian regime of “the independence.” Here things get complicated, a part of the Kabyle elite is involved in this desire to erase Kabyle values. Kabyle himself, Colonel Mohamed Boukharouba established a dictatorship that wanted to even arabize olive trees.

The 1980 Berber Spring Opens a resistance era to authoritarianism. The huge revolt of the extraordinary citizens’ movement in Kabylia the years 2001-2003 shows the gap that there is between Kabylia and the rest of Algeria: outside Kabylia, one prefer to walk to support Palestine, children who die in Kabylia, killed by Algerian gendarmes exploding bullets do not move anybody.

Not knowing hatred, Kabylia has continued to bear the atrocities of the Algerian regime. Not knowing hatred, Kabylia lived mourning alone tens of martyrs, in the dignity and the hope of a new era. An era of hope. But hope is hard to find in a country where all elections are rigged, where religiosity is spreading at a staggering speed, where all human values ​​flicker, where corruption is a national sport, where there has never been a political change since “independence” of the country.

The enthusiasm with which some of Kabyle youth recently raised the Kabyle flag, here and there, comes to mean Kabylia’s fierce desire to exist outside of the Algerian dictatorship. The 35th anniversary of the Berber Spring sign a new deal in Kabylia: now many Kabyle expect nothing from the system in place. For once, they really know what they want. But more than ever, they will need vigilance facing a formidable opponent, a specialist in manipulation and violence.

But it will take the union of all Kabyle forces that can exist outside the system in place, in Kabylia or in the Kabyle diaspora, to curb the biggest stumbling block that stands before them: international geostrategy. Those who are really fighting for their Kabyle land have no hatred towards anyone; this is Taqvaylit (Kabylity), these Kabyle values ​​consist of, among others, tolerance, secularism, social justice, democracy, generosity, solidarity, humanism and pure love.

Youcef Zirem

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