The Kabyle people, a people of winners

Kabylia solidarity with the peoples in struggle

Kabylia solidarity with the peoples in struggle

In 1824, some years before France invades the northern central of Africa to replace Turkey, it’s tired old ally, the American general consul in Algiers, William Shaler described the Kabyle caratère thus “fanatical of freedom and equality people”.


In Kabylia, the struggle for freedom is more than a tradition, is a culture, the courage a value and refusal of injustice an a practice.  Thus, since the dawn of time, which explains the survival of this culture and the fierce struggle of Kabylias children to preserve the land despite the many different invaders and colonizers.

In Kabylia, people do not compromise with the honor and we do not accept the bid. And it is in the essence of this culture sovereignist struggle that made birth to MAK, movement for self-determination of Kabylie and the April 20 is the day we count the forces in presence. Hundreds of thousands of Kabyles went out Wednesday, 20 April 2016, not only to proclaim their fidelity to the message of 20 April 1980 or commemorate the Black Spring of 2001, but above all to proclaim their desire for freedom.

On the occasion of the 36th year of the celebration of the Amazigh spring, hundreds of thousands came out in the streets of Kabylia to show their anger against the maneuvers of the Algerian Islamic junta and their attachment to their Kabyle culture and identity. The marches were organized at the call of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK). When it comes to RCD, Rally for Culture and Democracy, a party with only Kabyle component who dream of an Algerian fate, responded to the call of last Friday to the imams and the order of the governor of the region Tiziz Ouzou who wanted to disrupt this important day of commemoration of the Kabyles victims dead by order of arabo-muslim colon.

Two events that follow, one organized by the RCD in whose ranks are distinguished Algerians and Amazigh flags and banners demanding the effective formalization of Tamazight. This must be remembered is only a Algerian colonist manipulation to drown, believed – it’s the call the MAK which hears further “Long live the MAK “,” Long live the GPK “, sung by hundreds of thousands Kabyles not just only MAK activists as Apareil Algerian propagandist want to do it to understand.With shouting “government assassin” and ” independent kabylia ” float, in thousands, Kabylian flags. If all went well in Tizi-Ouzou, however a downside to Bejaia where we came to learn MAK activists of arrests took place in Akbou, Sidi Aich.

It is regrettable the silence of the media called the free world. Where no word has been written or said about this great mobilization. If it was a gathering of fanatic islamists, even if there were only ten, the same media should have spent the day palaver about the strength of the Islamists.

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