I asked myself: “But where are these wild extremists arabs are talking about?

On April 16, in Paris, between the Bastille and the Republic, those militants whom the Arabo-Muslims want to call savages and extremists for a handful of enlightened people, have also walked by thousands in total serenity, In full respect of all instructions given by the police, to claim their right to exist as a people. Yes, the Kabyles now work on their own account, after having fought so many battles for causes that were not theirs.

Yes, the Kabyles have liberated Algeria, that country which has turned against them, which denies their existence, who wants to make them by force what they are not, and who made land Of the Berbers an Arab land! Since 1962, Algeria has been totally falsifying history. We must rehabilitate the true history of North Africa.

After trying by all means to save this country from the Arab-Islamist ideology to which its leaders gave it, it was in 2001, after the massacre of 130 Kabyles by the Algerian regime, and the mutilation of thousands of people, that Kabylian people has finally understood that they will first have to save themselves.

Now, through events like this, the Kabylian people want to tell the world that one day or another they will have to listen to their demands.

Kabylia will rehabilitate its ancestral values of democracy, respect, absolute freedom of opinion and conscience, secularism.

Kabylia is fighting on all fronts against the Islamic fundamentalists, against the Algerian state and even has to face some of its own children who want to keep Kabylia under Arab colonial rule.

In Paris, when 500 people gather to defend any cause, the event makes headlines. Yesterday there were thousands of people, but no newspaper deigned to treat the subject.

So I walked, wondering every moment “but where are those savages arabo muslims are talking about? Where is this handful of extremists? “I have found them nowhere for the simple reason that they do not exist.

We are civilized people and our cause is noble. We will never back down.

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