Anti Propaganda MAK: the channel Beur TV invests in a Lie and manipulation of public opinion

PARIS (SIWEL) – The television channel franco-Algerian Beur TV, subsidized by the CSA (French), is not in rest of the propaganda of denigration of the Movement for the self-determination of the Kabylie (MAK).


After the aggressive statements and threatening of bachaghas Algerianist of all categories, grouping between other the Algerian Prime Minister Sellal, the Director of the Cabinet of Bouteflika, Ouyehia, the bachagha Ould Ali El Hadi, as well as the leaflets distributed by the Algerian police against the MAK, the instrumentalisation of notorious thugs and the manipulation of idle youth to go attack “with a the Knife” the responsible of the MAK in their popular meeting and at the request of the Commissioners of Police, that is that the television channel BeurTV, targeting the dispora of France, launches openly in the misleading propaganda in disseminating information bulletins under outright to the science fiction…


In fact , in an information bulletin issued on 27 March, Beur TV has issued a bulletin information that state of an “attack army” which targeted “the administrative headquarters of the Movement for the self-determination of the Kabylia (MAK)” (sic).

Here is a information that leaves for the less perplexed as it is true that the MAK does not have administrative headquarters and to cause… The MAK is the only organization policy to be the target of services criminals of the Algerian State and his hordes of Islamists in all kinds, of the so-called “moderate” to “radical”…

why Beur- TV launches-t-it in the dissemination of false information? The bulletin of information disseminated by BeurTV in the evening of 27 March and according to which the administrative headquarters of the Movement for the self-determination of the Kabylia (MAK) would have been attacked by armed individuals, raises a number of questions:

1) The “journalists” of Beur TV would they be ignorant of the Kabyle news to the point of assuming that the MAK would have an administrative headquarters?

Yet, a administrative headquarters for the MAK is in no case conceivable in the light of the criminal nature of the Algerian State who has not only services of “security” which did not hesitate to pull to explosive bullets on the Kabyle youth, as they have already done in the black spring of 2001, but it also has an armada of psychopaths to the visceral hatred of everything that is not Arab Islamic, and this for more than 50 years…

2) assuming that the “journalists” of Beur TV are effectively at this stage of “ignorance”, before disseminate information doing state of an attack to hand army, which is not even a “trivial” as information, these journalists would not have had the presence of mind to confirm such information?

Any journalist would first have verified the veracity of a information before making it public. The journalists of Beur TV have not fact, therefore they considered the information as being of source “safe” and “true”. However, for broadcast without even seek to verify information of this Order is that the information comes from very high, without doubt of the Summit of the Arab Islamic State of Algeria. But, it remains an enigma…

3) How is it that Beur TV broadcasts a information that was totally false and misleading without fear of typing on the fingers by the laws of the French Republic, including Beur TV depends, while the CSA is supposed to penalize the spread of false information?

Not BeurTV feared obviously not to be sanctioned by the laws of the French Republic and for cause, the services of french press spread themselves to false information to move the Kabylia for the fief of Islamic terrorism even going so far as to say that the Islamic State is “very active” in Kabylia …

Adding o this the lifting of shields of the Arab Islamic Civilization in Algeria against the sovereignist movement Kabyle which aims to establish a Kabyle State democratic, social and secular, and inspires in addition many Amazigh people in North Africa, one can only conclude that the MAK is now the only and unique target of colonialism Arab-islamic and of neo-colonialism in the western world which located in the Islamism, and the terror which he is consubstantial, a potent destroyer of peoples which it intends to continue to administer the territories in order to continue the dispossession of their natural wealth while falsely claiming to defend democracy and human rights while the worst regimes, the most bloodthirsty and the more dictatorial have Been Put in place by them and remain, to this day, supported by them.

This west, great defender of freedom, democracy and human rights, this West who fight so-called against Islamist terrorism.

Did they help the Tuareg of the Azawad when they faced the three organizations terrorist Islamists of the Mujao, of Ansar Dine and the Aqmi? Not!!!

Did they help the Amazighs to Libya, who are the only ones to be diametrically opposed to the Libyan Islamist? Not!!!

Did help the Kurds in Syria which are the only ones to actually fight the Islamic State? No !!

The West would prefer to take as an ally Saudi Arabia, piggy bank and ideologue of the international Islamist, even going up to the decorating of the Legion of Honor.

The West would prefer to take as an ally Erdogan “The Magnificent”, as the dubbed a certain French press, an Islamist proved whose support to Daesh is no secret to anyone!!!!!!

The West support the Algerian State, a phantom State artificially creates and maintained in life for pumping the natural wealth of the peoples that compose and use its ability to nuisance to annihilate any desire for independence of the peoples martired, as he has brilliantly done with the Azawad and this with the support of Mokhtar Belmokhtar, Iyad Ag Ghali and any an armada of Islamist terrorist.

By this false and biased, disseminated freely in France, Beur TV has just formally to join the camp of the enemies of Kabylia. By these times where the Islamist terrorism is globalized, thanks to the Saudi Arabia and Qatar who financed its global spread to blow hundreds of billions, the objective of this false attack clearly aims to scare kabyles, and more particularly those of the Kabyle diaspora to deter them to join in mass the sovereignist movement kabyle.

However, all should know that even if the MAK has nothing other than the support of the people of Kabylia and that of people , friends who are in the same situation as it , the correctness and the nobility of its combat and its ideals will triumph. This World predator that the world powers have built on the tears and the blood of the people, it is that the Islamist Hydra returns today against its own brood stock in the East as in the West. 
Translated by Tinhinan ouali

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