That’s how civilizations die

By Djaffar Ben

For the last 32 days in Afrin, the army of cowardly assassin Erdoğan killing Kurdish civilians regardless of age or sex by innovating in the way of carrying out the massacre of women who were, however, the spearhead of the war against ISIS. The silence of powerful Western states is sidereal. In Washington, Paris, London, Canberra or Ottawa, commercial relentlessness and hypocresy emerge in the pitiful belief in the unreal which increases the mercantile agitation of the banks and bribes the socialist dupes reconverted into Islamo-fascists.
We believed, poor of us, to the poor idea that Western democracy was the opposite of Islamism , it turns out, unfortunately, that it is their backhand with their phraseology continually broken into perpetrating geese. Worse, their leaders are sold to Islamism of which they are intelligent matchmakers.
Ah, the good deal when they pretend to derail Putin, also a killer, and at the same time arm his fancy scepters that are Assad and Erdoğan.
But we would say, that’s how civilizations die.

The criminal Islamist Erdogan NATO spearhead with the secretary general of this organization the socialist Stoltenberg

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