Football World Cup for stateless Peoples and Nations: Call for National and International Volunteers to Support the Kabyle National Team

As long as there exists occupied peoples and illegitimate states as the pseudo world says arabic supported by the United Nations, the international community is not a community of peace but a violation of the rights of the first peoples and even a crime against humanity.

The president of the Kabyle Football Federation, Mas Aksel Bellabbaci, announced on Saturday (February 17th) that a fundraising campaign has just been launched in order to bring the Kabyle national football team to London.

Kabylie is among the 16 nations qualified on September 02, 2017 at the final phase of the World Cup in football. The Cup is organized by ConIFA which brings together the representatives of the international selections of the statless nations, as well as the minority people, who are unaffiliated at FIFA.

For the expenses, everything is already covered during the whole competition, which will take place from May 31 to June 09, 2018. However, transport, work-out periods and similar costs remain the responsibility of each team.

Bring the national football team of Kabylia to the World Cup 2018 at London

My dear fellow Kabyle citizens and everyone who loves peace and justice,

Being 100% volunteers, we’re fundraising for
helping get players of the Kabyle National Football Team travel to London.

Room and board are covered by ConIFA once the team arrives (27 people including 23 players and 4 staff), all we need to do is get them there.

All we need is to get them there to compete in the final round of the World Cup organized by ConIFA in London from 31/05/2018 to 09/06/2018.

The money raised will be used to pay:
– Transportation
– The training course during a week
– Visa fees for some players

If you want to get involved and lend a hand, join us:

W: //
F: //
T: //

With your help, we will reach all our goals.

Aksel ABellabbaci
President of the Kabyle Football Federation
To contribute to a plural and more balanced world and repair a colonial injustice use your bank card here and write 5, 10, 15 or 20 euro. Thank you

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    ― Antonio Gramsci

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