Is the crime against Kabylia so permissible and still unpunished?


Is the crime against Kabylia so permissible and still unpunished?
By Massyl Megatti

A certain Bensedira, Arab-Islamist by trade and secret service agent, from a human rights country where he struts quietly, posts a video in which he calls for the extermination of Kabylia by chemical weapons.
It is not for the first time that Arab-Islamists and even officials publicly call on the power of Algiers to bomb Kabylia. In 2001, according to historian Younes Adli, certain foreign press organs reported that Saddam Hussein officially offered the Algerian power a substantial military support against Kabylia which was, it should be remembered, in the midst of an insurrection, and no denial from the Algerian authorities.
Recently, during his intervention in Place de la Republic on the occasion of the commemoration of the Kabyle springs, president Ferhat Mehenni declared that a plan aiming at his assassination is carefully put in place by occult groups which act under the orders of the Algerian secret services.
Filing a complaint in the host countries against these criminals residing mainly in European countries and for whom we have evidence, is not only desirable but judicious and necessary.
The summary statement of Bensidra Said: “If ever I have power, I would launch an appeal during the 8 pm newscast and I will tell the Kabyle people, especially those of Tizi Ouzou and Béjaïa: the citizens who stand out and reject the ideas and the ideology of the MAK separatists, I will ask them to leave Kabylia within 24 hours only, leaving the separatists and those who support them” declared the YouTuber. And to continue:” I will then have all those exterminated who will remain in Kabylia”.
Further Said Bensedira also commented on the forcing of the police roadblock by the marchers of Tizi Ouzou declaring that those who attacked the police are “bastards“, “poorly educated” and that they are “devoid of any identity“.

In the middle of the month of Ramadan, the Algerian police observed their fast and they (the Kabyle walkers) threw stones at them, while they were not even fasting. The traitors of the outlawed MAK ate, drank, took drugs and attacked the fasting police“, hammered the Islamist in the service of the Algerian government.

It should be noted that this Islamist who calls for the extermination of the Kabyle people, lives in London, the headquarters of the international Islamic


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