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Kabyle olive oil is ranked among the best in the world in an international competition in Paris

Kabyle olive oil is ranked among the best in the world at an international competition in Paris.
Four olive oils from Kabylia have been awarded the best product in their category. It is a real achievement when we know that Algerian colonialism is a brake on all economic activities in Kabylia. Algeria, which in Kabylia only invests in military barracks, prisons, and mosques.

The results of the international competition “Oils of the world” organized in Paris by the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products (APVA) fell this Thursday, May 14.

Four Kabyle products were awarded in two categories: “Intense ripening” and “Light ripe”.

In the “Intense ripening” category, the brand “Azemmour” (olive in Kabyle) won the gold medal. The “Baghlia” brand obtains the Gourmet distinction in the same category.

In the “Light ripe” category, “Arbolive” oil obtains the silver medal while “Acvali Ath Ghobri” produced by the Amazit-Ifigha oil mill obtains the Gourmet distinction.

“AVPA has found a recognized place in the vegetable oils sector where it has been carrying out a competition for 17 years which has become the benchmark in the profession. There are in the running more than 400 oils representing twenty countries”, said the organizer on its website.

It is clear that the question which anguishes a certain number of Kabyle on what to eat to the replacement of the Algerian petrol oil mane is of no meaning. The sap of the Kabyle land is a source of unsuspected wealth so the products which are cultivated on this ground are of better quality.
Welcome to the independence of Kabylia


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