Origin of the word Arabic

By the professor David Belhassen

David is the leader of the liberation of the hebrew people movement. He is also a Hebrew scholar who is an independent researcher. He works, in his own words, on the foundations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and their relationship to different contemporary political ideologies. He has also directed several documentary films and written fiction screenplays, some of which have been awarded.

The word “Arabic” is not a word in Arabic. The etymological origin of the word “Arab” comes from Hebrew and refers exclusively to a socio-economic behavior related to living in an arid region, nomadizing, subsisting rapines, incursions and raids in order to seize the goods and resources of sedentary villagers. It can therefore be applied regardless of ethnic origin. Since then, the meaning of this term has evolved to mean an idiom and has recently been transformed into a pseudo-ethnic term for the care of Pan-Arab propaganda. In the Qur’an alone, the linguistic connotation is retained: “the Arabic language” … ”

There is not and there has never been an “Arab people” (Fr)

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