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I have evidence that Islam is a racist religion


I personally hold no prejudices against Arabs, Pakistanis, Somalis or Afghans. As for Islam, however, I have plenty of evidence that it is a religion of racism, of insanity, dominance, violence, deceit, suffocation, dominion – were I to list all adjectives at my disposition, I would exhaust both my patience and yours. The vast majority of these people are Muslims, projecting criticism of their religion on their physical and moral persons (it is a sacrifice of their own ego to protect their religion).

They protect their religion by shielding it with their own bodies, naming themselves victims of racism, as in our time, it is hard to find reasonable people who support and exercise racism. This is why the Muslim elite tries to turn Islam into a “race” to protect it from criticism. This religion has gathered so many “mistakes” in its basic texts, and throughout its history that it is reasonably afraid to end up being tempted to a temple and forgotten by all. As soon as someone touches a verse, they scream in cows about racism, hatred against others, intolerance …

By the end of the 20th century, the use of new media (satellite, internet, video) has granted the public opinion increased access to Islam sources (Quran, Sunna, Sharia, fiqh literature and other sects accepted by Islam) and it is no longer as easy for Muslims to convey Islam as a trivial religion, the private matter of the individual (which it is not)

Once, Muslims, Arabs and Coptic Arabs were among my friends. When I talk about religion with my Muslim friend, there are some sparks and lightning! But when Muslim Arabs talk to the Coptic Arab about religion, their words becomes a fire, their conversation a volcano, a flood of adjectives that I can not even remember. And importantly – they call each other racists!
I have an obvious sympathy for Coptic Arabs. The only reason for this is that the religion that bothered and threatened me personally in Algeria was Islam.


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