Mohammad : The Muslim fable


I am persuaded that repeating infinitely the fables written by the Muslims, we are only legitimizing and fortifying a lie that has already done a lot of damage. It is time to say no to the falsification of the history of Islam, to say no we do not believe that ignorant bedouins had castles in a megacity located in the Arabian desert.

The character of Muhammad, as described by the Islamic tradition, never existed. If he had existed, he would not have survived a week in Medina. This city probably did not exist either. No non-Islamic writing of the time, no vestige, no direct testimony, attests of his existence. Everything was invented during the centuries, probably after Othmane and Hajjaj.

In the seventh century, writing was widespread in the region. In Aramaic, in Greek, in Syriac …. but no writing in Arabic has been transmitted. Arabic probably did not exist. The Quran that we know has been knitted from the 10th century. The character of Muhammad the prophet, with all the acts and words attributed to him was invented from all parts, little by little.

For centuries, the Quran was not written. If I was Allah, I would not confederate my word to illiterate people, rude and rough, and having no means to write and perpetuate my word without giving rise to dissension, disagreement and chism. The first 22 caliphs were assassinated and the fratricidal war between Muslims marked the whole history of Islam.

Islam is really a trickery.

This religion took much less precautions than the other deceptions: Judaism and Christianity. Islam spreads through constraint, force and violence. It took no precautions to make themselves consistent and convincing….


  • What happened to Professor Muhammad Sven Kalisch, a German convert to Islam and a teacher in Muslim law. He had declared that he did not believe in the existence of Mohamed. For this statement, he had received death threats … did he die?

  • Sometimes certain French intellectuals make efforts not to leave a testament of extreme dishonesty specific to the French.

    Maxime Rodinson is a linguist, historian, French sociologist, professor at the École pratique des Hautes études and specialist in the Middle East and Islam, writing in the introduction to his book Mahomet, published in 1961: “A biography of Mahomet, who would only mention indubitable facts, of mathematical certainty, would be reduced to a few pages and frightfully dry. However, it is possible to give a plausible image of this life, sometimes very plausible. But, for that, we must use data drawn from sources on which we have few guarantees of veracity ”

    • Really the Europeans are driving us crazy. Once they claim that there is an Arab people inhabiting the Hijaz desert even though they say that there is no proof of the existence of mecca in the 6th century, sometimes they are Bedouins, other times they are Saracens, other times a semantic slip the Saracens become Sarrazin, Moors, and they demonstrate the existence of conquests by claiming that a witness of the time of the pseudo-Mohamed, the priest Thomas the Presbyter had written 10 years after the facts that the Arabs had beaten the Byzantines but at the time the Arabs were called Tayaye and Mohamed was called MHMT … a scam that even a blind person should see

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