The official France: biggest falsifier of human history

In terms of falsification and misuse of history, civilizations, knowledge, arts and culture, the “orientalist” France is the biggest counterfeiter in the history of mankind.

Some 250 Berber jewels are exhibited since Friday …. at the Institute of the Arab World! to reveal the diversity of local knowledge”, says AFP …


Berber jewelry


The “local know-how” that is referred to here are included in the “Arab World”, we must understand that the Berber jewelry is simply an Arab know-how !!!!

250 Berber jewels are exposed since last Friday at the Arab World Institute, revealing the diversity of “local know-how”, AFP proudly announce.

But of which know-how does AFP talk about? The Arab knowledge? The Berber knowledge? Or is it the Berber-knowledge that has become, by the French grace, an Arabic knowledge? In all cases, it is a vile falsification, misuse unscrupulous, a organized hold-up knowingly committed by eminent French personalities of great culture we are told! starting with Jack Lang, who chairs this institute of organized theft …

“These jewels that the berber women were wearing with pride, were all their wealth, their life insurance, and their identity cards!” affirm Jean-François Bouvier and his wife who own the Berber jewelry collection.

However, one wonders whether the news agency AFP, owned by the French government, understands the meaning of the term “identity card” when France speaks to expose BERBERS jewellery at the Institute of the Arab World? It is as if were exposed in a large center dedicated to this purpose, the criminal machinations of the Islamic Mohamed Merra and Kouachi Coulibaly and are exposed to the world as a French knowledge … after all, did not they had French identity cards?

Anyway, all these French journalists, men of culture, these writers and all those pseudo-intellectuals who speak without shame of the Arab world when they talk about North Africa, they know that this North Africa has been ravaged by the Arab-Islamic conquest, since the 14 centuries the Berber people still struggle up till now against this morbid colonial ideology, deceitful and predatory.

They also know that in digging the graves of the Berber people, it is first and foremost their own, those of the peoples of Europe, they are digging! For if the Berber people of North Africa do not survive the Arab-Islamism, it is certain that Europe will not survive!

Yes, Europe will be numerically overwhelmed by its own North Africans, all made Arabs by the grace of the Arab policy of France, in addition to the absurd Orientalism of its elites. And that will be justice for the Berber people. ..

Recall that the jackals of the desert have already bought the most beautiful area of Paris, devastated almost all the suburbs and “radicalized” the French youth who miss benchmarks and ideals. Finish with Babeuf and Blanqui, in with Tariq Ramadan, the Mullahs and other venerable Sheikhs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, room for all of hell preachers. There are so much money in their bags….


  • The Institute of the Arab World in Paris (IMA) is an institution of counterfeiters who organizes regular “raids” – historical, cultural and civilizational, for the benefit of an Arab world .. that does not exist! This institution steals, yes it is theft and even organized robbery, aimed at stripping from their culture and their civilization non-Arab peoples living under Arab-Islamic rule.The IMA is simply colonialism by proxy …. Since when are Berber jewels an Arab know-how?! Since when are the Persians Arabs ?! Etc., etc.

  • these organizations are the responsibility of France. They are funded by the U.E. and NATO for the same purpose of robbing people of their culture and identity. They also pay historians and scientists to distort history and the arts and the contribution of other peoples. The Amazigh is the most targeted by these campaigns and it dates from the colonial era.

  • France all the time is afraid of the Amazigh “genius” and in particular Kabyle. The French will do everything in their power to prolong the Arab-Muslim colonization on the Amazigh people and in particular Kabyle. A non-Muslim Amazigh -Kabyle people are not interest them because only Arabo-Muslim doctrine will give them a hand on North Africa because they know from history that Islam is their best geostratigic ally for to prevent any real development which would liberate North Africa from its guardianship.

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