Europeans, have some water in your wine!

All claim to want to drink information from neutral sources free of bias…

The peoples of Europe must know what is being said in African countries and so-called “Arab” countries. I have heard plenty. According to public opinion there, the West (USA, EU) is the true ruler of so-called Arab countries and African countries. They install and uproot presidents and governments according to their own interests, and deny all social progress to the African peoples and the so-called Arab peoples. In these countries climate change is dearly felt, and the vox populi claim that the Western countries hold all responsibility. Their industry and their tens of millions of powerful vehicles are responsible for pollution at 200% the rate of their own countries, they say. People are also convinced that Westerners are conducting organized looting and mismanagement in their home regions. They are convinced that the West encourages and indeed organizes corruption in their countries. They are also convinced that Western peoples are the only beneficiaries of this plunder. Africans and so-called Arabs accuse the Western peoples of gorging themselves at their expense, and of turning a blind eye to the mafia-like practices of governments in African countries and in the so-called “Arab world”. They accuse the West of developing a hypocritical humanist discourse to put citizens, like yourself, to sleep, that you may continue to lead your unbridled lifestyle. This is the opinion of the right, left, religious, atheists, Catholics, progressives, conservatives, Islamists, pagans and animists of all these countries of the third world (Africa and “Arab World”).

You might know that this discourse was first initiated by the various European leftists and all the third-worlders established in the West. And if there is only 10% of truth in this speech, of exploitation and dominance, then the so-called Arabs and Africans will still feel entitled to invade the West to “recover their due”. And you might understand that they will be in the right.

In their head, you are responsible for the disasters wrought in their home countries, so you will in turn pay for it. They do not come specifically to Islamize you, but if you offer yourself up, then why not? They will have free food here, and will go to heaven afterwards.

This speech I have heard a thousand times in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and Burkina Fasso. Even today, in Norway, I hear it every day from the so-called Arab and African immigrants. I can not verify the truth of all their accusations – the important thing is that this line of thinking is shared by almost all  the so-called Arabs and Africans.

I myself am an advocate of voluntary simplicity. Anti-consumerist, I consume only the bare necessities and I only earn the money I need even if an opportunity to earn more presents itself. It’s not a choice. I grew up in a small Kabyle village in the 1960s and it was our lifestyle of the time (involuntary simplicity). I want time to myself, and to nurture my moral health. This is not only a feasible lifestyle, but a liberating one.

I do not know what to think, but I remember an old slogan of Parisian transport: “Progress is only worth if it is shared by all.” While I am not a leftist, I do like this slogan. Otherwise, if progress is skewed and some (be they countries or people) are elevated at the expense of others, the balance is inevitably restored -one way or another.

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