Islamists want to take advantage of Algerians’ disapproval, in order to attack Kabylia

Algerian Islamists are able to come to terms even with the devil to slaughter Kabyles. They take advantage of the political crisis that shakes the Algerian regime to show their support for maintaining the regime, provided that the regime destroys Kabylia. The ruling clan, right now, is struggling to save its position.

Even during the French colonial period, the Muslim brothers have always shown their support to France, on one condition, to fight the Amazigh identity of North Africans. Documents and press articles that exists proves it.

It is not surprising that a simple retrospective of contemporary Algerian history shows that it was colonial France that was behind the arabization of Algeria.

Even today, it is the Islamists who, directly or indirectly, call for a war against the Kabyle people. Belkhadem, the former FLN party leader, had even proposed to the Council of Ministers to bomb Kabylia in 2003. Nahnah, Djabellah, SalhiĀ  each in his own way, and lately Mo-Khra (Mokri) dug up this diabolical project to attack Kabylia. The Islamists now, and in the past, still dream of seeing the Kabyles slaughtered like the Iraqi Kurds who were gassed by Seddam Hussein.
Sooner or later, Algerian Islamists will declare war on the Kabyles.

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