Algeria arrests women for wearing a kabyle dress

obviously, even the Kabyle dress is a rival flag of the Algerian flag. After having arrested and cuffed the bearers of Amazigh or Kabyle emblems, it is a young woman who was arrested in Algiers for wearing her everyday dress, the Kabyle dress. Where will the racism against the Kabyle’s and the hatred be among the uniformed Islamists and their criminal policemen, show itself?

Beyond the vanity of the act on the determination of Kabyle women and men to remain faithful to their identity and their culture, it is necessary to wonder what will be the next form of aggression from the Algerian colonialist regime against the Kabyle people.

With this globalization of repression against all the symbols of Kabylia (Amazigh and Kabyle flags, sports clubs, JSK, MOB and JSMB, literary cafes, Kabyle dress, etc.), it is feared that in a few days they will forbid us to speak Kabyle in the street.

Faced with these state of affairs, the President of Anavad sounds the alarm and calls on the Kabyle movements (the RPK, the URK) and the Kabyle intellectual elites to reconsider their visions of the future of the Kabyle people and to discuss with MAK and Anavad. The repression will affect all Kabyles, regardless of status.

While waiting for the reunion of the great militant family of Kabylia, the president of Anavad condemns with all his forces this anti-Kabyle repressive wave and demands the release of all those Kabyles arrested for their identity and their opinions.

In solidarity with all victims of state racism and its arbitrariness, Ferhat Mehenni also demands the release of all Mozabite detainees.

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