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To say that Islam is a civilization is also to say that Nazism is one too.

For a conflict of civilization to exist, there must first be two civilizations! I do not believe at all in a conflict of civilizations between the West and Islam for the simple reason is that Islam has never been and never will be a civilization.
Islam, rather, is a destroyer of civilizations. The Persian people (current Iran and some territories of Afghanistan, Pakistan …) who once constituted a prestigious civilization is now found to be one of the lowliest peoples of the planet. Islam has broken them. And what about the Egyptians, what do they inherit of their glorious ancestors? In the time before Islamization, the Ancient Egyptians built vast pyramids – today, they struggle to construct a bicycle. Look at the state of Afghanistan, a country still living in the stone age where women are still mummified and where beheadings are staged without embarrassment and without mercy – sometimes even to applause! It is their favorite show.
It would seem that all the countries where Islam has managed to settle know only of underdevelopment, tardiness, contempt for the weak, oppression of women and especially of dictatorship.
Dictators reign in all countries with a muslim majority, regardless of the continent. In Europe, Turkey is the worst dictatorship. Oppressed are the Kurdish minority there – the anti-Kurdish racism to be found there is not short of the racism one could see in South Africa not too long ago. Albania, a European but also muslim country, has become a refuge for all gangsters, a lawless country. European muslims, who initially do not differ from other Europeans, remain underdeveloped and very archaic while their brothers who escaped Islamization develop and continue to expand upon one of the great universal civilizations. In France, we say: Look for the error!
There is Asia too. At a time when most Asian countries are experiencing rapid development and dizzying growth and accelerated democratization, Asian muslim countries are still under the rule of dictatorship, lagging beneath the forces of oppression. Indonesia, the biggest muslim country, is a great example, for Indonesians hail from the same lineage as other Asian peoples, nothing differs. Yet since they were Islamized, they have become miserable and backward and live under the worst kind of tyranny. And what about middle-eastern countries? Even in 2017, they whip, they stone and slit throats in “public”. They live in another century. Even those who are rich (I speak of natural wealth of course), cannot build states in any true sense of the word, cannot rid themselves of underdevelopment, contempt and oppression. Look at Israel, the only democratic country in the region. It developed because it is not muslim, whereas around there is only tyranny and destruction. I do not talk much about North Africa, our tragedy is the worst, Islam has completely wiped out, Islamized and Arabized North Africans. In the 21st century, they have butchered our babies, women and men like sheep, they went as far as crushing the skulls of babies of only two months with axes … And look at this abject racism that they make us suffer, we Berbers. Do not look for the same elsewhere, for it is not to be found.
To say that Islam is a civilization is also to say that Nazism is one too. One must not be blind and hypocritical – where there is Islam, there is misery and oppression. Where there is Islam, there is no trace of civilization. It is not racist to declare this truth. Others have said the same thing about Nazism and any other racist, fascist and segregationist doctrine. We know what we are talking about because we are experiencing this regression and bad experience from within.
So please, let us stop talking about civilizational conflict when it comes to Islam, and turn the discourse into one of a threat to human civilization, exercised by a fascist doctrine, an enemy of freedoms, a retrograde order. Islamism, whose source is Islam, embodies this new fascism that wants to dominate the world and oppress everything that is not muslim and Arab.

Long live free Kabylia – free of the Hijab, Djelbab and Kamis



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