Virtues of repetition as a teaching tool

The repetition has for a very long time been a tool of pedagogy and “propaganda”. For example, the stupid publicity for laundry on television are zero and yet it’s statistical, the more this advertising goes on television the more people buy the brand of this laundry.

In the Madrasa, or Koranic school, the teaching begins from the youngest age by the ability to memorize the holy Quran. It does not matter that kids do not understand anything about the content.

In the same way for some centuries, a propaganda based on the repetition tries to make people believe that all the Muslims are only one culture and only one people: the great “UMMA”, that they have a great muslim civilization and a great culture.
Others, “Baathism”, a doctrine resulting from the Cold War prefer to speak of a great “Arab” nation from the deserts of Arabia to the Atlantic and a great “Arab-Muslim” civilization/culture.

The “Baathist” nations are easily recognized by the fact that in their constitutions the first two articles are “Islam is the official religion” and “Islam is the official religion”.

And so in my case, my “sacred” task is to apply the virtues of the repetitions.
No, “Arab” figures are not Arabic.
Not the number zero, the compass was not invented by the Arabs.
No, Arabic is not a people and has never been a people or a culture, but is simply a criminal ideological construct.
It’s stupid, I know, but as for laundry advertising it works.

By Adbouz

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