Arabization of North Africa by France.

One of the worst crimes committed by European colonialism is to have suffocated the identities, cultures and history of the vanquished peoples and to have manufactured a new culture and identity that are extremely harmful to all humanity. A crime that is a real curse with its several attacks and carnage on the soil of imperial Europe

I found the text written by the French anthropologist who, under the impulse of the Arab offices of Napoleon III, worked precisely to reinvent an Arab genealogy to those who had a Berber.

Here is what he wrote.

“Two lines on a country that was the ancient Berberia.
In a close future, the djebaliens tribes that border on the Rifland, which are
partly Arabized, will definitely adopt the language of the prophet, will no longer want to hear about their Berber origin. Skillful genealogists will prove to them, as clear as the day, that they come from a famous Hijaz or Iraq warrior; no doubt, too, these new recruits, won over to the Arab cause, will in their turn want to Arabize the Rif, to make him ashamed of his old idiom, of his customs and of his ancestors. It’s a termite work, if you will, but it is a work that will lead to its continuity and its invincible persistence. Suppose now the annexation of Morocco to a European power.
Oh! then, the Arabization of all Berber populations of the empire will succeed by leaps and bounds. The conquering nation will be the first to favor the metamorphosis, as we did ourselves in Algeria in our absolute ignorance of the ethnography- and the history of the Barbary States.
The Beni Rzin students are already imitating the t’aleb …”

Aguste Mouliéras, “Le Maroc inconnu”, 2ème partie (Exploration du Djebala), édition 1899, page 306.

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