Norwegian parlamentariens; “who are the Berber population?”

Earlier this day, when I visited a local mall, I was introduced to Trond Giske and Gunvor Eldegard, two members of the Norwegian labor party, Arbeiderpartiet. They, along with several other politicians, are currently promoting their causes to the masses before the upcoming Norwegian election.

I decided to start a conversation with them about them profiling themselves as a liberal, international, humane and multicultural party, whilst favoring only the Arab population, and being ignorant to multiple of suppressed people around the world.

This party invests themselves in Norway becoming an international superpower in humanitarian causes, by annually showering the Arabs in enormous wealth and benefits. I asked the representatives if they were aware that they are helping a people, who’s main objective is suppressing other ethnic groups, such as the Berber population. I was answered with empty eyes and the shocking question; “Who are the Berber population? Are these people scattered around the world?”

This question was asked by Eldegard, whom stands with twelve years of membership in the Norwegian Parlament behind her. I explained to them that North Africa were never Arab, but that the French colonialism Arabized and ruined the native culture and identity of the area. I continued to explain that the current muslim terror-wave in Europe, are not performed by true Middle-eastern Arabs, but by the false North-African copy-cats, who wants to prove to the real Arabs their worth in the Arab-muslim umma.

This islam terrorism will continue as far as European powes continue to support the Arab colonization, in military, culture, politics and diplomacy. This information was over-baring to the labour-representatives, as they became nothing but silent. We agreed that they, Eldegard and Giske, would examine the information just given to them, further. –

After me, they conversed with a muslim women who asked the representatives why her ears should be uncovered in the passport photo, as the law states.

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