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Algeria, Indochina, Belgian Congo colonial concepts.

Algeria, Indochina, Belgian Congo. Colonial concepts. Some people try to make believe that Kabylie is only a simple part of Algeria, like Bretagne or the Basque country for France.

They also say that identity claims – as legitimate as they are – must not go as far as a form of nationalism. I would like to remind you that Algeria is a territory created with a metric and with pencils – just look at the map to be convinced – for reasons of sharing the world with England in the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire.

In Asia, a colonial possession of the French state was Indochina, composed of several states, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar  ….

The Indian Empire of the English is today composed of the Indian Union – federal state -, Pakistan – a banana republic – Bangladesh and Sri Lanka …All these countries found their own identity by decolonizing. I would remind you; This work of decolonization has not been carried out neither by Algeria nor by the former Belgian Congo which has today become a democratic republic of the Congo and previously Zaire. Algeria and the Belgian Congo have the same origin, the same destiny: banana republics !!!

By Azzedin. B

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