The funeral of the Amazigh student that was murdered by the Polisario were held today

amazigh marocco6Omar Khalik was buried today in his native village in Tinghir. He was murdered by the student branch of the Polisario, supporters of the Saharawi Arab Republic.
Omar Khalik was seriously injured in the clashes that took place between the Amazigh students and pan-Arab Polisario students.

To recall the Polisario is supported by Algeria and aims to establish an Arab state on Amazigh land. Amazigh people of Western Sahara are also heavily repressed, especially in the Tindouf camps maintained by Algeria for the purpose.

Thus, following the serious injuries inflicted on him by the pan-Arab Saharawi, Omar Khalik was hospitalized at the University Hospital of Marrakech. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries yesterday Wednesday, January 27, according to the Amazigh Cultural Movement in Marrakech, bringing to the number of two Amasigh victims of the Polisario in Morocco University, especially in Marrakech and Agadir.

Moroccan Amazigh newspaper, Amazigh 24, further specifies the conditions for these murders, “the culprits are members of the pan-Arabist branch Sahrawi pro-Polisario, Polisario who propagate the ideology and support the building of an Arab Saharawi Republic on an Amazigh land, “says Yugerthen member of the Amazigh Cultural Cultural at Amazigh 24,

The Amazigh Cultural Movement, has also called for a “mobilization to neutralize these daechiens rampant in Moroccan universities and receive a double scholarship, just because they are Sahrawi Polisario and they scare the Makhzen.”
The funeral of the young man were held today in his native village. The young student was accompanied to his final resting place by hundreds of people waving Amazigh flags and banners including one where one could read “ULAC SmahULAC” (no forgiveness, no forgiveness); Lighthouse slogan of the Black Spring of Kabylia in 2001, when the Algerian police had murdered almost 150 young Kabyle with explosive bullets.

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