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The cultural treasures of the berberes phagocyted by the arab-muslims

The cry from the heart below from Romain Caesar explains the name of the domain of the Mergueze website. The site is named  ( Merguez) after a small Kabyle specialty sausage. But the Arab test-tube people with their Islam, directly out of the Vatican’s laboratory to destroy the North African peoples and their church, can not exist without phagocyting and denaturing the rich culture and identity of North Africans.

That’s what happens while they organize to us morbid distractions

Dar El Ahlam, in arabic esperanto this means “the dreamhouse”: The Arab-Islamists in power in North Africa take advantage of the Berber bickering over language and other imbecilities to promote and sell to tourists Berber art, especially architecture (major art), as an Arab and Islamic artistic treasure. The Berbers, obsessed with language and human rights, are leaving to the Arabo-Islamists: the earth, architecture, cooking, the spiritual, etc. , all that brings in money. ” Romain Caesar

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