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Duty of remembrance, the atrocious death of Mrs. Aicha Djellid

Mrs. Aisha Djellid was slaughtered in front of her three daughters, one of whom testifies: “Mom begged the killers (muslim activists) to not slit her throat in front of us. We kissed their feet in hopes of saving her. Before they cut her throat, she cried, one last time: Remove my daughters! Do not do this in front of them! Suddenly the blood spurted on all sides. The atrocious man stared us down one last time before letting the stiff body fall like a stone. He cut off the head of my mother, attached to her body at this point but by a thin slice of flesh… Then, they threw my mother’s head in a garbage bin. I picked her up, kissed her, and went back home. Like my little sister, I was convinced that my mother would return to life once her head was put back in place. We spoke to her all night to restore her, but to no avail.”
We have a duty to remind people of these gruesome murders, not just once a year, but every single day.
Source : Ajouad Algerie Memoires

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