Kabylia reaffirms its fight for independence and rejection of Algeria’s presidential election

Kabylia reaffirms its fight for independence and rejection of Algeria’s presidential election

KABYLIE (SIWEL) – Marches and rallies are taking place throughout Kabylia on March 8, 2019, coinciding with the International Women’s Day. The Kabyles mobilize in the name of a noble cause – the independence of Kabylia.
Kabylie reaffirms its fight and the rejection of the Algerian presidential election and its totalitarian power in Kabylie. We are here today to say that there will be no vote in Kabylia, as there was none in the first term, or for the second … and it’s the same for this fifth term. What happens in Algeria is of no interest to the Kabyles.
The Kabyle people will not yield the ground to intruders. We are always here. The numerous roadblocks of Algerian law enforcement agencies installed around the city of Tizi Ouzou could not prevent freedom activists from joining the demonstration – we are there, in force. Women are here today too, as it is their day. We pay tribute on March 8th to all Kabyle women, the pillars of Kabylia. The contribution of the Kabyle woman to Kabylia is invaluable and irrefutable, said Aksel Bellabbaci, a representative of the Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK).

Long live free and independent Kabylia.

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  • Chroniclers of Free and Independent Kabylia

    Kabylie is Kabylie, Algeria is Algeria.

    Two antinomic worlds in perpetual clashes deaf or declared. Two worlds that everything separates, place of the woman, traditions, customs, laws, languages, cultures, civilizations, ways of life, ethical and societal values.

    From analysis to analysis, from findings to findings and diagnostic diagnoses, Kabyles are stunned by oracles that have melted like snow in the sun a few moments after their broadcasts.

    Just for the February period with the hirak, each of the gurus of this pseudo Algerian elite has laid more than a dozen who splashed in the nauseating water of Algeria that stinks of death.

    Let’s go to the fact and the balance sheet of this hirak. In what did he advance the schmilblick if only an ion? On what important point the Kabyles, implicated unduly in this Algerian-Algerian crisis, answered present and applied the flood of sterile recommendations?

    30 Fridays, soon 8 months and nothing on the horizon except a resentment deaf and vehement especially with regard to Kabyles accused of being, rightly or wrongly, the spearhead of this challenge; not only is there no significant progress except for inter-clan account settlements, presented sneakily as moral progress, but even more so, there is a total regression in which the millions of Algerians and Kabyles of the first months have evaporated in the nature from the fires of the Gaian military junta lit.

    There is only Kabylie finally the Kabyles who still persist to present themselves as Algerians and the Algerian composed of 70% of … Kabyles (still them) who are mobilized when the rest of Algeria, that- there deep, has returned to the tight ranks drawn by the Gaid.

    Of this retreat found in the Algerian zones and cities, these oracles, doctors “es-expertise” none of them dares to give the true causes of this decline although they know them. They are silent because it contradicts their hopes and their utopian visions of a “plural Algeria” as they want to sell it particularly to the Kabyle people when this is the last concern of Algerians who do not care because they consider themselves good side of the handle.

    The fires of the junta

    After the surprise of the first weeks of the protest, where it found itself thrown in the ropes, the military junta has recovered to launch a political counter-offensive offensive worthy of campaigns Goebbels.

    Let us remember the electoral bumbling of Bouteflika focused on a single word “stability” in opposition to the anarchic period of the black decade.

    This time, the bad wolf does not come from abroad or from Islamism, it comes down from the mountains of Kabylie, it is the “Zouaf”, the “Qbayli”, the “Laïc” “El eilmani”, the unbeliever, the atheist, the enemy of religion finally all the anti-religious characters far the exact definition of secularism monstrously deformed by design.

    It is the Zouaf who is behind the hirak, who plots to impose a secular society with his during democracy, freedom for the woman with all that it implies as debauchery and lightness of manners, the challenge of the primacy of Arabic and Arabic language in Kabylie, in short the total questioning of the Arab-Islamic ideology, Islamic religious morality, to undermine the Muslim and societal foundations of the Algerian “nation” attached to Arabity and to Islam. It is hardly if we do not speak of a protocol of the wise Kabyles …

    The term Zouaffa has made a turn in Algerian heads and has exploded like a bomb in their minds already well imbued with an age-old racism anti-Kabyle ordinary and by the religious fact or the bigoted and theocratic society does not work only at the rhythm of the “Bism Allah”. It was just a click away to project the “Zero Kabyle” operation. It is done.

    The Zouaf is also this oligarchy whose majority is in El-Harrach prison.
    The fear of the Zuaf devil has exceeded even the apprehension towards this military junta. The name Zouaffa with a pejorative and racist connotation does not even bother Algerian public television. Pardi! The junta is at war and war and war are all allowed.

    With only one precarious term, zouaffa, which has become a slogan, the military junta managed to turn the tide inside the hirak, to divide it and even to bring about the failure – taken up by so-called informed spirits – of the “Kabyles” of the hirak, who nevertheless hid their Kabylity and presented themselves as Amazighs; they, these Kabyles would have “too early” too much put forward their amazighité, a height in this “Algeria” which wants Arab-Islamist, domineering, assimilator and homogenisatrice.

    Here the confusion and amalgam between Kabyle and Amazigh is precarious. An Amazigh in this hirak magma, can be Chaoui, Mozabite or Rifain, this inadvertently is not fortuitous it stems from an age-old latent anti-Kabyle racism.

    For Kabyles’ laudators, apologists for a plural “Algeria”, the blow is doubly terrible. On the one hand he annihilates their dream rather the illusion and on the other, they find that they are only the “Other” the Qbayli, the zouaf called to dissolve in the Arab-Islamic mass and who will be, as in the current situation, the scapegoat that will bring in times of crisis, and like all ethnic minorities, the flaws of this country called Algeria.

    It is the quadrature of the circle for this elite in intellectual disinheritance, an ubiquitous situation where they are ordered to silence their Kabylity at the risk of being only Zouaffas if they aspire to live according to their values ​​and concepts millennia and ancestral. Tajmaat point, La3naya point, Jma3 Limane point, all concepts of democratic essence, tolerance, secularism and solidarity are illicit in the religious sense of the term.

    This hirak in its political quintessence highlighted and brought out the crisis Kabyle, the question Kabyle latent since always. The war against politico-identity symbols Kabyles, flags, clothing, encirclement of cities and villages is declared.

    At the current rate of arrests and imprisonment of peaceful and innocent Kabyles, the junta opens the Pandora’s box and she will find, inevitably, Pandora Kabyle.

    The hour is serious and the Kabyles bathe headlong into the drama and shame “El-3ar” with these girls and young boys peaceful, kidnapped, imprisoned and abused. Kabylie is in the line of fire and she is again more than humiliated, she is crushed in her honor and dignity.

    This is not the first time and it is now becoming a habit. If this is to continue, it must stop and soon tell our ancestors where they are.

    Kabylie is Kabylie, Algeria is Algeria.

    Two antinomic worlds in perpetual clashes deaf or declared. Two worlds that everything separates, place of the woman, traditions, customs, laws, languages, cultures, civilizations, ways of life, ethical and societal values.

    The colonization and the Algerian domination with this forced cohabitation, imposed with its lot of differences, of the violence, the humiliations, the hatreds, the disgrace, the negations, the assassinations, the arbitrary and unjust imprisonments only lasted too much it is high time to end it and it becomes a vital emergency in the biological as well as the civilizational sense.

    Forceps elections.

    Since Sunday, with the presidential imposed, forced, this “Algeria” crosses the threshold of the blood red zone, although enlightened Kabyles have never participated in these electoral masquerades, it is expected that other Kabyles who say they Algerians will finally boycott this vote, this will further increase the resentment and rage of the military junta against Kabylia.

    As a political visionary, Mas Ferhat Mehenni, a late analyst of this military junta that even Algerians treat as “colonial power” supreme insult, anticipated these events by calling from London on June 3, 2018 for “the establishment of a body of constraint, of a security organization of Kabylie “so that” the colonial authority is replaced by the authority Kabyle “.

    Mas Mehenni has since, several times, renewed this call for Kabyles towns and villages to organize themselves to ensure their own safety. Today more than ever, the current deleterious events as well as the threat to the Kabyles with the “Zero Kabyle” operation push for the urgent activation of the recommendations of Mas Mehenni’s London appeal, more than never, let’s repeat it, news.

    Tuviret, Monday, September 16th, 2019

    CLKI for SIWEL.

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