Neocolonialism / “Operation Berkhane” Françafrique adopts American military methods

Today is Friday, August 1, 2014that the military operation barkhaneofficially starts. The French operation was led by General Palasset fromNdjamena, Chad. In contrast to the Serval operation, which has been deployed“officially”to “fight jihadism” in Mali, Operation Berkhane is to allow the French army to be able to step through from one country to another more smoothly and faster  and it always in order to “fight jihadism” and not to defend its energy interests in the Sahel.neocolonialism

with Operation barkhane, France will deploy an “anti-terrorist force” of 3,000 men, with a contingent of 1,000 men in Gao, in Azawad and 1,200 men in Chad. This new military operation takes up the current methods of the American military to avoid endangering the lives of French soldiers. Place to the “surgical war” in Iraq as Bush time. No more large-scale operations with armored columns with French soldiers in! Now, the “fight against terrorism” will be based on small teams, intelligence, tapping and … the drones! In addition, French commandos will be supported by fighter jets with means (for information, tapping and drones) more important. For this forward bases have been commissioned to Tessalit in Azawad, and Madama, in the far north of Niger, still in Tuareg country, and finally to Faya-Largeau, Chad; and with the blessing of President Idriss Deby who has it well in France who installed it on the “throne” of the presidency and who knows so look away from sensitive subjects Chadian President but also his African counterparts , honorable presidents “democratically elected”. … in the salons of the Quai d’Orsay ” French Foreign ministry “! “The barkhane operation” will be directed from the new French headquarters in Ndjamena by General Palasset who succeeded General Foucaud. Ndjamena, becoming the center of French military command for the entire Sahel-Saharan strip. Niamey will be the center dedicated to intelligence. Ouagadougou, will remain the center of the French Special Forces and “control points” where will be present only a few dozen French soldiers will be spread over several French military bases with a base at Tessalit Tuareg territory in Azawad to 50 kms from the border with Algeria, a base Madama in Azawagh, always Touareg territory north of Niger near the Libyan border, and a base at Faya-Largeau in Chad. In terms of material resources, the operation barkhane have 20 helicopters, 200 armored vehicles, 10 tactical and strategic lift, six fighters and 3 drones to the dreaded name “reaper”, … The “air” Detachment, based in Niamey, Niger, plays a central role in barkhane operation that was “installed” last week by President Francois Hollande during his mini tour in his “old” African colonies .

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