The dubious game of the West with Arab Muslims states


The international community and especially Western countries seem shocked and act as if they were discovering for the first time the horrors and massacres happening in Iraq.

They are offended by the barbaric behavior of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, while all Arab Muslims states practice insidiously and cunningly the same massacres on ethnic and religious minorities.

The Islamic State is doing it openly, as direct advertising. The fighters of the IS may be frank and honest enough to say that the massacres and the extermination of the Yezidi and Christians are dictated by certain tendencies of their Arab Muslim ideology. They do not kill on the sly, citing whimsical motifs such as national unit, the respect for public order, protection and security of citizens … as do other Arab Muslim states.

Saudi Arabia which gives religious legitimacy to practice the same massacres but sneakily condemned the IS through his mufti, accusing its fighters to be extremist and inhuman terrorists.

Actually Saudi Arabia does not condemn IS for its massacres but because of their promise to destroy Mecca. The monarchy is known as the main provider and financier of the medieval ideology across the world.

Wealthy oil monarchies and Islamic Arab dictatorships owe their survival to the support of their allies, the Western powers, who don’t hesitate today to shed a few crocodile tears on Christians and Yezidis.

Within fifties year, the Arab Muslim Algerian state, which has the strong support of France and other European countries led three punitive expeditions on the Kabyle people, a peaceful and defenseless people.

– In 1963, more than 400 killed for asking for a multiparty system and freedom of expression.

– In 1980, Kabylia was last ablaze because of a simple poetry in Kabyle language; hundreds of young people imprisoned, some maimed for life, and hundreds of girls raped in university dormitories.

– In 2001 more than 130 young people have been killed by exploding bullets in their backs during peaceful protests for the right to cultural identity and Kabyle language .

Currently the military security officers dress up as armed islamists to terrorize the Kabyle people in order to counter their ambitions for freedom, secularism and to existence as Amazigh Kabyle .

Most disturbing is the silence and indifference of the Arab Muslim populations and their moderate intellectuals to such barbarity but get enraged for the slightest caricature. Cruelty and the horrors suffered by the Kurds, Christians and Amazigh in these countries will not stop until the day they will have their own states.

Airstrikes conducted by the Americans on the IS’s jihadists, food and weapons sent by France and Germany could only be meaningful and useful if Western powers support the Kurdish people to dispose of himself, to free itself from the Arab Muslim domination by recognizing its own state. Otherwise the same will apply in a decade and we will see further massacres.

Kader DAHDAH adviser to the president of the Anavad,7115.html?lang=fr

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