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The myth of Pygmalion and Galatea, in short

Macahu win.id yennan ahu
Ad yawi lhu” Macahu,
“Whoever says yes

become more enlightened ”

Pygmalion was a skilled sculptor. Among all his works, the statue represented all his genius, was a woman. Day after day he worked on this ivory statue and under his capable fingers it became more and more beautiful. This singular passion was not long ignored by the love goddess Aphrodite, who, to take revenge, drove him madly in love with his statue. He gave it gifts, dresses, flowers, rings, in short everything that could please a beautiful young woman who was loved. He even kissed her, and he thought she kissed him back, kisses that were cold. The poor sculptor spent his days and nights admiring his statue. He was so in love with her that during a religious festival he dedicated it to Aphrodite, and addressed the most heartfelt prayers to the goddess. The goddess understood that he did not want a woman, but that he wanted his statue, so she decided to give it life. In the evening he returned home and kissed his statue once more, but this time it was not stiff and cold lips, but soft, warm and vibrant lips that responded to his kisses.

Tamacahut iw lwad lwad
Sawlagh-tt-id i w arraw l ledjwad
Ad nettc irden n ukufi
Ma d wid n teylut ur ten-ufi

“My stories flow like a creek
I told them to noble children
We will eat the wheat from the supply jar
The wheat in the bag was not found.

I ended my story as I began, saying the formula that our grandmothers say at the beginning and at the end of stories.

Pygmalion and Galatea, a Kabyle myth. After a Machiavellian work of the empire of lies (the Vatican and France), this Kabyle story is assigned to Greece. Such as attributed to the discovery of the wheel, our construction technique, to the Romans, the myths of our gods and our democracy to the Greeks. Carthage to the Lebanese and our numbers to an Arab people who were specially produced as a final solution against the Kabylians to erase us from our history and from everything that makes our soul a brilliant people.

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