For the right to stay and live in one’s country

On the proposal of the Amazigh World Congress, the RPS (Regions and Peoples in Solidarity) adopted at its 23rd Congress, the attached motion on immigration.

For decades, incessant waves of immigrants from the south have been trying to reach the European Eldorado by all means. In recent years the migratory movement seems to be accelerating and nothing seems to stop it, not even the fear of death. The repeated dramas, particularly in the Mediterranean, have prompted some European NGOs to set up rescue boats at sea.

But what can the Aquarius, the Sea Watch, the See Fuchs, the Lifeline or the Open Arms whose capacity is limited to a few hundred seats do against tens of thousands of migrants? Especially since, once rescued, no European state wants to welcome these migrants. In a shameful and self-indulgent way, governments refuse the berthing of humanitarian ships while pushing them to other coasts. Europe is closing and raising its walls while at the same time entrusting with payment to states on the southern shores of the Mediterranean that are not concerned about human rights, the task of blocking migrants in North Africa. In other words, neither European governments nor NGOs offer acceptable and sustainable solutions to migration issues.

As far as we are concerned, we know that what drives the citizens of the southern part of the world, and particularly from Africa to exile, it is socio-economic misery, the deprivation of rights and fundamental freedoms, repression and violence in all its forms. And this chaotic situation that stifles everyday life, finds its origin in the dictatorial and corrupt systems, the continuation of the looting of the resources of the poor countries by the rich countries and the support brought by them to the dictatorships of the third world. Northern countries and especially European countries are therefore largely responsible for migration from the south to the north.

Therefore, if we want to significantly slow down this massive immigration, it is essential to favorise the conditions of a free and decent life in the countries of origin of emigration and for this purpose, it is imperative and urgent to:

– put an end to the spoliation of the resources of poor countries,

– Stop all support to dictatorships,

– Condition effectively the bilateral and multilateral relations to the respect of a process of construction of the state of right and if necessary accompany these states in this process,

– Condemn and sanction diplomatically and financially the wrongdoing states of serious violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms,

– Support systematically and firmly defenders of rights.

In the end, it is a question of ensuring that the inhabitants of the countries of the South are not sentenced to exile and can enjoy, as everywhere in the world, the right to work and live in their country.

Bayonne, Basque Country, 25/08/2018

The President, Gustave Alirol

Regions and Peoples Solidarity, federation of regionalist political parties and progressive autonomists, brings together the Occitian Party (Occitania), Unser Land (Alsace), 57-The Mosellans Party (Moselle), the Breton Democratic Union (Brittany), the Partitu di in Nazione Corsa (Corsica), Convergencia Democratica de Catalunya and Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (Catalonia), the Basque Nationalist Party, Abertzaleen Batasuna and Eusko Alkartasuna (Basque Country), the Savoy Region Movement (Savoie).

The Amazigh World Congress is an associate member.

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